London Based Ghanaian Artist Marfo Releases New NFT Collection: Strangers

London based Ghanaian artist Kojo Marfo is set to announce official mint dates for his NFT collection ‘Strangers’ which will be minted throughout April 2022 in collaboration with London based gallery JD Malat Gallery.

Marfo and Art

Marfo’s work has been referred to as ‘the future of contemporary African art’ and this is thanks to block colours used, strong shapes, and the cultural hybridity of his figures. 

Marfo’s work is influenced by his surroundings as a child, therefore traditional Akan artefacts, sculptures and carvings all play a part in his creations.  Akan art is that native to the Akan people of West Africa and Marfo uses this to highlight social issues such as, inequalities, religion, politics, and spiritualism. 

His NFT collection of ‘Strangers’ is his way of sharing an inspiring vision of those people he has met along his journey from West Africa to London.

For Marfo, his collection of ‘Strangers’ highlights the ongoing evolution of society.  He sees artwork as a communication tool for which enables him to highlight key social issues and perspectives on sensitive matters.

Here is how Marfo describes the artwork behind his upcoming collection due to be minted throughout April 2022:

“Rather than producing artwork likenesses of real people, my art is focused on figures from my dreams and childhood memories so that I can create characters removed from reality. I work in this way, not only to pay respect to the visual memories of my childhood that were rooted in Akan cultural images, but also because I wanted the themes explored in the strangers to be more accessible to the viewer.”

Marfo and NFTs

Marfo sees NFTs as a way to reach new people and gain their interest in art, whether that be from an investment standpoint or for those with a real passion for the art world.  He also believes that NFTs are a new frontier of communication for artists and the rest of the world as more and more individuals gain interest in the space.

Marfo’s NFT collection of ‘Strangers’ is made possible with the help of JD Malat Gallery which have allowed over 1,000 artists across Great Britain to showcase their works.  Marfo is exclusively represented by JD Malat Gallery today but his NFTs can reach and inspire millions globally.

Marfo’s work will be minted throughout April 2022 and will be created through a base of 250 unique characteristics which will be distributed by an algorithm to create unique NFTs. 

There are three crucial pillars to Marfo’s work:

  • Artistic Vision: Increasing the visibility of Marfo’s work through new connections.
  • Charity: Marfo’s drive is to help children or people in precarious situations and therefore a share of proceeds will go to a charity of choice.
  • Blending the real and digital world: NFTs allow for the further reach of Marfo’s work beyond traditional forms of art and allow a new audience to be tapped into.

Kojo Marfo wants to spread a message of hope and understanding to all those invested in his works.  Take time to sit and reflect on the journey we call life.

For further information on Kojo Marfo’s upcoming collection such as exact mint dates and prices of the NFTs then please refer to his website or Twitter.


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