The Game-Changing GARI Panda NFTs

A new NFT collection on the Solana blockchain is going one step further in its mission to disrupt the world of Web3…

Are you poised to purchase your GARI Panda?

The GARI Panda NFT whitelisting has commenced, as Chingari moves into the next phase of its plans for global Web3 proliferation.

The long-awaited tribe of 9,999 GARI Pandas are soon to be unleashed on the Solana blockchain. Now you can get your name on the coveted whitelist, which promises to unlock profound benefits for GARI NFT holders. The whitelist closes imminently, so the time to act is now for investors and early GARI adopters. 

The utility of these NFTs has ignited much hype surrounding the GARI project. The value of the GARI Panda NFT is likely to rise over time, owing to their promising roadmap and the multitude of rewards that holders have in store for them. 

Indeed, GARI is the new, decentralized currency that will become the token of the Chingari-verse – Chingari’s very own, immersive metaverse. 

This Web3 universe, a platform for virtual live performances by celebrities and influences, will become a new creative hub for GARI Panda NFT holders, who will earn a lifetime of free access, amongst a plethora of enticing benefits.

Other compelling aspects of GARI’s plans include connecting creators to key advertisers within the app, offering holders the opportunity to have ownership in Chingari’s independent, short video production house, and meeting Bollywood A-list celebrities.

The roadmap ahead for Gari

Gari’s roadmap, detailing their remarkable plans, is already well underway and on track. Following the successful launch of their app in Indonesia, they’re now locked in on their next goal – the GARI Panda NFTs launch.

GARI recently announced no less than 15 different benefits for GARI Panda NFT holders. Feast your eyes on them here! They are:

  1. Chingari Metaverse Access — Lifetime free access.
  2. Exclusive access to Chingari Ads Club — In the future, advertisers will need to own a GARI Panda NFT to run ads in the Chingari app.
  3. Rewards — Access to GARI-funded P2E games for Panda NFT holders. Tokens of these P2E games will be awarded to GARI Panda holders.
  4. Chingari Panda Club — Exclusive ‘invite-only’ parties with celebrities who collaborate with Chingari. 
  5. Panda Merch Store Revenue Share — 10% of all online & offline sales from the Panda apparel brand will be distributed to the NFT holders.
  6. Partnership NFTs — GARI will launch Partnership NFTs with music & video streaming platforms. GARI PANDA NFT holders will have access to premium features.
  7. GARI Street Artist of the Month event — Each month, GARI Panda Holders will vote for Street artists, the people with great talent (music, dancing, etc.) but generally lack recognition.
  8. Exclusive interaction with Creators — The GARI Panda NFTs give access to premium content and paid live streams including VIP access to Chinagri sponsored live events. Holders can also buy special merchandise by their favourite creators.
  9. Recognition to NFT holders on Chingari App — GARI NFT owners will have distinguishable features on the Chingari app. 
  10. GARI Club — An exclusive Panda NFT Community, PANDA CLUB, will be a truly global community. This exclusive club will have access to:-

Concerts with top global artists 

VIP entries to partner clubs

Annual meet and greet

11. Ownership of independent movie production house on Chingari MultiplexGARI Panda NFT holders can invest in the world’s first-ever decentralized production house – Chingari Multiplex

12. Newsletter minted as NFTs — NFT-themed monthly newsletters with all the latest NFT news, insights, major auction sales, and market developments. These newsletters will be minted as NFTs and proceedings from the sale will be distributed to the Panda holders.

13. Exclusive meets with Bollywood A-listers — The NFT holders will get once in a lifetime chance to meet with their Bollywood icons. Special AMA sessions with their most loved stars also await holders.

14. NFT Staking —  In future, holders will also be able to stake their NFTs to earn GARI tokens.

15. Creator NFTs — GARI will launch Creator NFTs for GARI Panda holders where a part of the revenue will be shared with the creators for the next year.

With these benefits in mind, GARI Panda holders are set for the ride of a lifetime. They will be joining one of the fastest-growing and most thrilling creator-centric applications in the world – Chingari. 

Chingari is an application dedicated to the ‘creator economy’ and already has garnered over 110 million users. Moreover, it is the first-ever truly Indian short video platform and was awarded the prestigious ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Award’ in 2020. 

In 2020 Chingari disrupted the influencer and video creator economy in India by sharing 30% of its revenue with the creators.

The Chingari-verse has long since been on the tips of tongues in India and is soon to be prevalent in Web3 consciousness. 

Now, 9,999 GARI Panda NFTs are getting poised to launch upon the world with an unprecedented array of meaningful, real-world benefits which could change the lives of GARI NFT holders. 


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