Is Floyd Mayweather hiding evidence of failed NFT projects?

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most exciting and successful athletes of all time, and as an undisputed champion, he is a business person always interested in partnering with companies.

Partnership Ethics

Celebrities, athletes, and famous people hold a considerable amount of sway over their fans; brands understand this, so they employ the services of famous people to help reach their target customers.

It might not seem apparent, but certain people are more likely to believe whatever their “idols” sell to them at face value. In celebrity marketing, the type of people most likely to invest in a product or service they do not need because a celebrity advertised to them are usually among the most vulnerable, including kids and financially vulnerable individuals.

With that in mind, celebrities have an ethical responsibility to ensure that whatever companies, products, or services they advertise are legitimate and offer quality value to consumers. We see many questionable companies and individuals try to partner with celebrities to peddle products that may be fake or have no long-term value.

It’s always refreshing when we see celebrities turn down lucrative opportunities with companies that may not have the best interests of consumers in mind. Not all celebrities have such moral compasses, and in more than one instance, celebrities have been caught in the crossfire when a service or product they advertise ends up being a scam or underwhelming. Floyd Mayweather is the latest in a long list of celebrities endorsing bad companies.


Floyd Mayweather has been a big supporter of the NFT space since it became popular, and in 2021 he invested in the NFT movement by partnering on a project to create an NFT of his image, and the NFT collection was tagged “FloydNFT.”

According to unconfirmed reports, the former undefeated champ was paid $4,907,407 for the promotion in 2021. Coffeezilla, a famous YouTuber whose content revolves around tackling and unearthing scams, has accused Mayweather of trying to clean up any evidence, including videos, pictures, and giveaways of his “failed” NFT project.

On Twitter, Coffeezilla shared the following through his account @coffeebreak_YT: “Floyd Mayweather is frantically deleting evidence of his last NFT scam. He’s getting roasted by the investors. Reminder that his last scam raked in $4,907,407 and now is worth nothing.”

Coffezilla provided more insight into the NFT projects that Floyd Mayweather allegedly promoted then deleted. Coffeezilla also added comments from Mayweather’s partners and investors who are unhappy about how quickly he allegedly ditched the project.

What’s next for Mayweather in the NFT space?

Coffeezilla launched the reports against Mayweather after the former champ announced a new NFT project. A few weeks ago, Mayweather began advertising his upcoming project, “the Mayweverse,” This project seems to be a follow-up to the series of projects he partnered on in 2021.

After all, is said and done, celebrities need to take greater responsibility for how they cash in on their brands because when things go wrong, fans pay the price.


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