Visionary ‘Creditcoin’ Sees Emergence of Credit-Based NFTs: Enter Flow

Creditcoin, the borderless credit investment network, has decided to integrate with Flow’s ever-growing and vibrant NFT ecosystem.  Why?  Well, Creditcoin sees the emergence of NFTs as a crucial asset class that is here to stay and they wish to offer their customers diversification into this asset class.  

In fact, several financial products are already evolving around NFT usage.  For instance, NFT collateralized credit systems or NFT investment DAOs.  Creditcoin sees NFT usage as something that is only going to mature as the industry continues, and we are not far off a world where we could see property rights come in the form of digital tokens.  This is how big the market could get and is a fundamental reason for Creditcoin building on Flow.

Creditcoin’s ecosystem will be linked with Flow’s ever-growing NFT ecosystem.  By partnering with Flow, Creditcoin is now able to achieve its vision of enabling credit-based NFT transactions and tying them to the OpenFi ecosystem.  Flow, an industry leader, is a blockchain that allows for easy scalability with uncompromising security as well as being extremely energy efficient.

Integrating Flow with Credicoin and OpenFi makes Creditcoin’s vision of a fairer global economy one step closer to becoming a reality.

Flow: A World of Infinite Possibilities

A Web3 platform was chosen for its scalability and usability for both consumers and developers.  The platform enables the powering of next-generation games, apps, and digital assets.  Flow prides itself on being the only layer one blockchain that is originally created by a team with a consistent track record of industry-leading consumer scale Web3 experiences; including, CryptoKitties, Dapper, and NBA Top Shot.  Visit for more information.

Creditcoin: Helping The Unbanked, Bank

Millions of people globally are unable to have access to credit via the traditional banking methods most have become accustomed to.  Creditcoin aims to solve this problem so everyone, everywhere has access to credit.  How do they do this?  By building a borderless credit system that is completely decentralised and immutable in records.  One’s credit history of borrowing and lending are recorded on the blockchain creating a public ledger of credit history and loan performance.  Creditcoin is paving the way for interoperable cross-chain credit markets across the globe.  Creditcoin is working with technology partners and financial tech (fintech) leaders, such as Aella, in order to move to a fairer financial system that facilitates trust for the millions of unbanked people who cannot access traditional credit. 

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