NFT Expoverse – The Largest Blockchain-Focused Event of 2022

If you’re an NFT creator, collector, investor, developer, or just someone who loves NFTs – then the place to be this coming July is NFT Expoverse in LA.

NFT Expoverse is taking place between the 29th and 31st of July in the Los Angeles Convention Centre and aims to become the largest event dedicated to the current and future impact of NFTs, Blockchain, and cutting-edge Web3 technologies.

Over 3 days, ticket holders will be able to feast on the latest and most exciting happenings in the NFT world. The famous Los Angeles Convention Centre should be the perfect setting and gives us an idea of the scale of this blockchain event.

We’re only at the beginning of our NFT journey and there are still so many questions to be answered about the next major technological advancement in our world. There are also plenty of industry experts waiting to show and tell us – and many will be at this event in July.

How will NFT technology be applied in everyday life? What about the laws and regulations regarding the crypto/NFT world? How will NFTs and AI be used in the Metaverse?

If like us, you want these questions and more answered – then you will get these answers from the many knowledgeable and confirmed speakers already lined up for the event.

NFT Expoverse – Something for Everyone

Regardless of levels of expertise and interest in the NFT Space, there is something for everyone and promises to be a hive of fascinating NFT activity and showcases.

If you’re a creator or developer – this is your chance to share your NFT creations and make new connections in the most creative community on Earth.

If you’re an enthusiast, here is your chance to meet your favourite creators and learn about new innovations and disruptive technologies from top developers.

For entrepreneurs, you can learn about new and exciting projects as the biggest companies in the industry will be showcasing new innovations in NFTs, DApps, crypto, and play-to-earn games. This is also your chance to connect with prominent and successful personalities within the industry.

Not only all that, but at NFT Expoverse, attendees are sure to witness new and exciting NFT collectibles, utilities, and art pieces. There will also be exclusive NFT drops which, we’ve been told, will blow the mind of even the most demanding of collectors.

NFT News Today is proud to partner with NFT Expoverse in this special event and are happy to share that you can receive a 10% discount on tickets with the code: NEWSTODAY

For your discount – just follow this link.

If you want to learn more about this event, the exhibitors, and speakers, check out their website and read our recent Expoverse 2022 article.


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