Club Gorgon’s ‘Phygital’ Medusa NFT Project: Built on Elrond; Partnered By Barcelona’s Dani Alves

Club Gorgan is an exclusive NFT membership club that aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital art, thus branding itself as ‘phygital’.  Digital art has been around since the 80s as computers became a household necessity.  However, today as the digital art world is evolving, we have NFTs taking centre stage in this new art revolution.  Club Gorgon is introducing digitally hand drawn Medusa NFTs to be used as Art membership passes to their exclusive club.

Their Meduse NFT will serve as membership to Club Gorgon in what Club Gorgon believes encompasses the essence of NFTs; “still to be rationally explained, conceptual in nature, and staring you right in the face”.  There will be 6666 versions of Medusa made from over 160+ unique traits.  All Medusa avatar traits are generated randomly and revealed after public sale.

And who has collaborated with this exciting project to become part of their community?  Dani Alves: widely considered one of the greatest full-backs of all time and is perhaps the most decorated player in the history of football with 46 titles at senior level.

Don’t believe us?  Here’s a recent reply from a Dani Alves Tweet from Elrond on the 18th February in support of Dani’s involvement with the project:

Elrond ⚡️ Replying to @DaniAlvesD2 @0xdeni and @clubgorgon “Defense is the best offense … And who best to launch the Elrond NFT ecosystem on the global offense than one of the most celebrated defenders of all time? … Welcome to Elrond, Dani.”

Here is Dani’s initial Tweet a few hours earlier in the day:

“I’m happy to announce that I have teamed up with @0xdeni to be part of @clubgorgon #NFT project. I’m in love with Medusa art and really like the team’s vision for the future. Club Gorgon is a members only #Phygital Art Club on #ElrondNetwork. We are launching on 20.02.2022 🔥🐍”

And Club Gorgon’s vision of the future is this:

“to establish a Metaverse native and community-centric ART-DAO, thus bringing together the worlds of digital and physical art in one place”

As part of Club Gorgon’s curated art platform, members of the club will be airdropped to selected artists’ work.  Not only this, but as a member of Gorgon you will be able to mint any artist’s work from all over the world on the Elrond blockchain and also partake in members-only on-chain and off-chain events as well as have voting rights.  There will also be free monthly NFT art airdrops.

Dani’s Signed NFT

Here’s one way that Club Gorgon are using Dani’s partnership to full effect which was publicised in a recent Tweet dated 23rd February:

“The first hq prints of #Medusa #art signed by the one and only @DaniAlvesD2 will start going out once we reach 2000 mints or in 30 days from today (whichever comes first). 🐍🖤 Join our #Phygital art club on #ElrondNetwork and become the part of #web3 revolution! #NFTs #ElrondNFTs”

How to sign up?

In order to be part of this exclusive NFT Medusa themed art club with Club Gorgon you will need to use Elrond’s Maiar walet in order to connect to Club Gorgon.

A final Tweet from Club Gorgan from the 22nd February:

“Connect with your #Maiar⚡️wallet and mint your Medusa Art, club membership #NFT at Its available to everyone! 🖤🐍 #ElrondNFTs #NFTCommunity #NFTs #ElrondNetwork”


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