Armory.Finance setting the utility standard with BLACKSMITHS

With improper use since its inception, the untapped potential of NFTs within the Metaverse has been abysmal.  Taking motivation from predecessors while also looking forward to what’s ahead, ARMORY.FINANCE plans to guide the use of NFTs into a realm yet unseen.

Ownership over NFTS has neglected the proper use of utility for far too long, and ARMORY.FINANCE is choosing to move past the same old gimmick of boring artwork by bringing utility misuse to shame. Offering an overwhelming amount of function, NFTS can be more than just silly works of art; they’re instruments of profit. The ownership of an NFT can range from anything to everything- exclusive memberships, access to fun events, products, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Finally, the time has come. What the Metaverse and Cryptocurrency space needs is simple- stylishly crafted NFTS merged with the proper use of utility. With their sights on the horizon and the skills to back it up, the future is just around the corner, and ARMORY is at the forefront.

About Armory.Finance

ARMORY.FINANCE is proud to present BLACKSMITHS.  There is no project with more utility on any chain- period. From our metaverse compatible NFT models to our “Equity in every Mint” guarantee, BLACKSMITHS were designed to have proper use through and through. Becoming an exclusive member of BLACKSMITHS promises the forging of an equity trait into every mint of the collection, guaranteeing a percentage on the launch of [ARMORY] liquidity pool. Royalties will also be awarded in this manner in continuity- until the end of time.

MINTER – 5% ARTIST – 2.5% [ARMORY] LP – 2.5%

The most unique aspect of owning part of the BLACKSMITHS collection is how every mint forges equity into the avatar, giving a trait which represents the ownership.


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