Cardano’s Leading NFT & Play-To-Earn Platform ShibaInfinity Continues Shinu Token Pre-Sale

ShibaInfinity is here to embark on a challenging, and highly ambitious journey, with a vision to unite the crypto world’s top ideas—Play-to-Earn gaming, NFT rewards, and the metaverse—into one, truly decentralized ecosystem for all. ShibaInfinity disrupts traditional, centralized gaming by offering endless possibilities to visionary participants and creatives to bring entirely new virtual worlds to life, while remaining sole owners and controllers of their creations. Being the pioneer in its field, ShibaInfinity mission is not easy, but increasingly tremendous demand, and underserved markets supported by a world-class team manage to drive the project forward every day; let’s take a look at what this metaverse is all about. 

ShibaInfinity P2E Gaming Platform

Moving on to Play-to-Earn gaming with possibly leveraged Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which is one of ShibaInfinity most innovative aspects. Simply put, users will be able to play with in-game NFTs, such as various characters, but, contrary to almost all other platforms in the sphere, they don’t have to own them. Instead, players—called Scholars—could opt for borrowing the NFTs of other members—Managers—who they could easily match with on ShibaInfinity user-friendly Marketplace. This disruptive mechanism combined with a Play-to-Earn revenue model never seen before will enable players the chance to potentially make one hundred times the amount they could earn on Axie Infinity, the biggest project in the sphere.

Shibainfinity Play-to-Earn Features

* Highly detailed interconnected open worlds built with Unreal Engine 5

* Player vs. player combat

* Player vs. environment challenges

* Many gadgets, tools, and weapons of different kinds and categories – NFTs

* Each world is set up with unique rules and settings fit for the theme

* Immersive VR experience

ShibaInfinity  Marketplace

Given the incredible rise in popularity both experienced during the past year, NFTs and virtual world ecosystems were bound to cross paths at some point. ShibaInfinity, a gaming and NFT platform based on Cardano and Solana, was among the first to jump on board and offer users an easy and streamlined way to participate in what the industry now calls metaverses.

Starting from March, ShibaInfinity will launch its NFT Metaverse Land Sales, enabling users to purchase virtual land from the Metaverse, where users will be able to buy either individual parcels or land packs. In virtual worlds participant can walk around, meet friends, visit buildings, and even attend events, And just like the real world, land plays an extremely important role in the metaverse. “The better the location, the more expensive it is, so getting in early in these land sales is key.”

Shinu Token Explained

Shinu Token is the native cryptocurrency of the ShibaInfinity Games ecosystem. It not only gives governance rights to every single holder, but also acts as the universal measure of value throughout the ShibaInfinity metaverse. Additionally, users will be able to stake their $Shinu Tokens to earn industry-leading yields, or earn Shinu by referring new entrants to the ecosystem, thereby further optimizing their profits.

 Purchase SHINU Token at Pre Sale

Shinu Token can only be purchased from Shibainfinity Token Sale Page. Users can participate in Shinu Token Pre sale using Cardano and Solana native token ( ADA & SOL) and become an early adopter.

Follow the link to purchase Shinu Token at early-stage

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