The MammEths Society wants to save the planet

It all began with one noble thought. Making a story about a thing that happened ten thousand years ago and spreading and adjusting this story to fit today’s narrative. We are all well aware of the fact that our planet is constantly faced with challenges like pollution, deforestation, which in the long run makes life slowly unbearable for any species that exists on this floating piece of rock. Despite, these challenges the constant technological advancement is starting to take its toll, as well. Therefore, led by the thought of what we can do that it is in our might in order to help not only raise awareness but also actually do something that will contribute to the overall well-being of our Earth, we have come up with our project MammEths.

What better way to tell a story than through pictures! And not any kind but digital images. Our goal was to connect the digital world with the physical through raising awareness of the species extinction and the consequences of this brutal occurrence. So, we took an event from the distant past and we told a story. The story of the mammoths, which is something that could not have been told 10,000 years ago, covers the topic of the danger of species extinction.

That is how we have created the virtual world of MammEths, an animal community that resides in the Metaverse. We think that by doing so, we will encourage the virtual society to participate in something that will immensely benefit the environment.

We have designed a collection of 6,000 NFTs we call MammEths, each of them depicting a mammoth with unique traits. The MammEths will be launched in the forthcoming period.

As we have mentioned, the focus of our project is to build a community from scratch and then further use the virtual influence to address one of the most challenging environmental issues: Saving endangered animals! Therefore, to step up our game and contribute to the cause we needed partners in the form of charity organizations that will align with our ultimate goal which is saving the planet we call home. Therefore, our first signed collab contract is with the Baku Animal Rescue Society (BARS).

BARS is a charity organization registered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, whose mission is to cut back the cruelty against stray animals from Azerbaijan that were either abandoned or faced with fierce living conditions while helping them live healthy lives.

Every MammEth purchase will greatly contribute to our main cause as we are dedicating 10% of all the funds from the NFTs purchase to these charity organizations. This way each MammEth holder will be directly involved in a cause that will surely make a great change in our world.

MammEth holders will also enjoy some other benefits and activities. We will host a physical event to gather all the holders in one place. The location of this event might be Europe, Dubai, or Moscow depending on the current Covid-19 situation.

Additionally, we will prepare a collection of physical merchandise in the form of toys that will represent the MammEths community and all of its features. A special sculpture will also be designed, and it will be awarded randomly to one MammEth holder through a lottery process. 

Furthermore, we are preparing a special Christmas airdrop for all the MammEth holders.

As 3D technology is constantly evolving spreading to different segments in anything digital, the NFT world is also starting to evolve in this direction. In order to follow the current trends, we will be creating a special collection series of 3D MammEths with numerous different traits.

Finally, at the end of the year, we will release a videogame that will be available for all the MammEth community members. Although still discussed, the theme will circle around several mammoth characters and the game itself will have 3 levels.

So, join us in our MammEths community and be part of the unique experience through a number of events and activities while at the same time being part of a noble idea of making the extinction of endangered species an impossible reality.

Get hooked on the tusk!

Twitter: @Mammeths_NFT


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