Olympic Games Jam, the official NFT P2E game of Beijing ’22

The Winter Olympics official multi-player NFT game, Olympic Games Jam Beijing 2022 launched February 3rd for android phone devices. It is Play to Earn game and is available to download on ‘Google Play Store’, with the IOS version to be released, soon.

Olympic Games Jam is a multi-player arcade style game with up to 20 players challenging each other through a succession of games or events. There are 4 games to choose from: snowboard slalom, snowboard slope style, free-style skiing-cross and skeleton.

Note that, nWay the games developers, will be rolling out more games in the coming weeks and months. Among these are the luge and figure skating.

As players compete, they win the in-game token, GEM. Furthermore, they can win valuable NFTs as they compete. Eventually one player becomes champion over a series of competitive games.

The team at Olympic Game Jam used party games to involve as many gamers as possible in a celebration of the Olympic Games. Taehoon Kim, CEO of nWay stated,

“making Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022 a play-to-earn title is going to let gamers and NFT collectors alike to not only engage with the Olympic Games, but also own a piece of Olympic history.”

Olympic Games Jam comprises 4 tiers.

  • Free to play, in which you can win rewards of up to 12 gems.
  • Amateur which costs 100 gems to enter and rewards of up to 600 Gems.
  • Pro, costs 300 Gems and rewards of up to 1860 Gems.
  • Champion costs 1000 Gems to play with rewards as high as 6600 Gems.

Gems can also be used to acquire boxes that contain valuable and collectible NFT pins and skins. Additionally, you can purchase boxes on nWayPlay.com or from other players via the website’s marketplace.

On top of that, players should, in the not too distant future, be able to convert Gems into tokens. These will be available on the Binance Smart Chain. Once the smart contract for the token is available, the team will be publish the address.


Anybody with a modicum of knowledge about NFTs should know that ‘Olympic Games Jam’ may well be a gem. It has official status. and is being promoted on the Olympic Games site. Another positive is the fact that it being developed by nWay, in conjunction with the International Olympics Committee. nWay comes under the Animoca Brand.

The game is fun to play and the potential for the Olympic Pin NFTs becoming valuable collectors items is high. You should get yourself on board and start your Winter Olympics games journey


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