The Stunning and Captivating NFTs from Elvantis

Art is a very important element in the recent NFTs hype movement. The uniqueness and beauty of these digital assets are two characteristics that enchant the public and make them want to have them. The team from Elvantis did a great job understanding it and providing their community with unique and stunning NFTs.

The platform is about to finish its release. In a few days, the token and NFTs will be available for the public on several exchanges. But, those who want to participate in the early stages still have time to buy in presales.  

The awesome NFTs

The NFTs from Elvantis are absolutely stunning. Little Aliens, Spaceships, and Planets, in card formats, can be used in several features in the platform, and are also collectible, of course. The users are already excited to have them, and the Whitelist presale was a big success. 

The scientific fiction themed collection was created with exclusivity for artists from around the world. They even have a collection called Ultra Glow, which will only be sold in the presale. The NFT toys look adorable in their 3D animated packages. 

Captivating Plot

To intensify the users’ experience, the Elvantis team created a complete plot for their universe and characters. It makes their NFTs even more special and desirable. The plot is inspired by metaphysics, space-time travel, and space exploration. 

It creates another dimension of value for the platform features, once they count on a narrative that evaluates the events and new resources. Is certainly a plus to have nice stories along with pieces of art. The team from Elvantis is doing a good job with it!

Listings on Exchanges

Listings are one of the most important things for rising projects like Elfvantis. It creates more buying pressure, which incentivizes the evaluation of the token and the development of the platform. 

Elvantis have already confirmed the listing on BKEK, LBANK, COINTIGER, and HOTBIT. Also, the team has announced that there are negotiations in course to the token to be listed on top exchanges, which should be revealed soon enough.  

Certik Security Tools

Elvantis will be launched with a complete set of security tools from Certik , including the audit in its contracts, Skynet, Security Oracle, and a KYC. It will help the team to prevent attacks and will give the investors what they need to be assured that Elvantis is not a fraud or a scam token.  

With the features provided by Certik, Elvantis will be one of the safest NFT platforms in the market, which should be enough to attract a lot of attention. The safety of investors’ resources seems to be taken very seriously. 

Play to Earn

Elvantis is a good opportunity for those who want to able to make a profit from playing funny games. The team has announced a Race game that should be released soon, in which the players will compete with each other for the prizes,m while facing challenges along the route. 

On the Play to Earn NFTs platform, your prizes can be increased by the evaluation of the token, which is a big opportunity for profit for those who join the platform early and can hold their tokens long enough. 

Don’t Miss the Big Dates

The whitelist presale has already been done. But there are still great opportunities, such as the sale of a special category of super rare NFTs: The Ultra Glow collection. This special class of NFTs will be rarest on the Elvantis universe and will only be sold on the presale. 

There will be a public presale of ELV tokens on their platform and the marketing opening on Pancake Swap. They will also sell Lands, which will be very useful once the Metaverse from Elvantis is released. Make sure to follow all their social media to take advantage of being an early investor! 


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