Squid Game #Players – Green lit for the Metaverse

Inspired by the astronomical success of a certain Korean show you may or may not have heard about (depending on whether you’ve been hidden under a rock or not) comes a new and exclusive NFT Play-To-Earn collection, Squid Game #Players. The team launched the project on the Binance Smart Chain.

The Squid Game #Players NFT collection consists of 10,000 unique NFTs which can be utilized in half a dozen GameFi metaverse games. They can be minted exclusively on https://nftsquidgames.com/.

Stage 0 sold out within 30 minutes on 13th  January, with one NFT valued at 0.18 BNB. Currently, one NFT costs 0.30 BNB to mint. This will be followed by two more drops with prices rising to 0.42 BNB and a final drop that will cost 0.6 BNB to mint.

Squid Player #199

Squid Game #Players NFT rarity

The collection consists of eight types of players, with different levels of rarity. The most common is the ‘#Players’ with 9410 NFTs, while the rarest is ‘The Doll’, of which there is only one. The others include the ‘Guard’ with 311, the ‘VIP’ with 145, the ‘Policeman’ with 75, ‘Player 001’ which has 53, the ‘Leader’ with 15 and lastly, the ‘Salesman’ with six.

When the sale ends, the first three stages of the project’s roadmap will be completed.

The roadmap

Moving on, stage 4 of the roadmap is when things get exciting, with the launch of the first of six GameFi metaverse games and the introduction of the projects own governance token for participating in games.

Next, in stage 5, the rest of the games will be released. Each game will also offer $25,000 in prize money. In all, $150,000 will be handed out in gameplay rewards, not including the issuance of the governance token.

Governance token and system

The games, being based on the play-to-earn concept, reward the players not only for winning, but for participating.

You can also use the tokens in game to enhance your player’s skills. The token will be available to buy in-game and on different decentralized exchanges.

Furthermore, tokens you win in-game can be used for voting within the community on how to project will proceed in the governance system.

#Player 111 from squid games


The designer of the unique drawings is being kept under wraps until the later stages of the project. However, she has a respectable reputation and is well-known for her art. Any ideas by looking at her work? If so, leave a comment.

Reportedly, she has won many international awards for her art and unique outlook on the world.

The lady in question has over 1000 unique pieces in her collection. The work on Squid Game #Player NFTs took her longer than 300 hours to complete. Each individual piece was drawn by hand.

You can follow Squid Game #Player NFTs on:

Discord: https://discord.gg/gbwTAPxRvE 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Nftsquidgames/

Telegram: https://t.me/NFTSquidGame 

Website: nftsquidgames.com


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