DappRadar report highlight 3 new NFT projects

The new year is upon us and after a relatively quiet festive period, we are seeing some new NFT projects making waves in the market. Below, with the help of reports compiled recently by DappRadar, we will give a quick overview of Flyfish Club, PhantaBear and Oxya Origin Project.

Flyfish Club

The Flyfish Club is an NFT collection with a difference, and we love it. Gary Vaynerchuk, a doyen of the digital marketing industry, is at the helm of the project. What makes this so exciting is that holders of a Flyfish NFT get to experience the nouvelle cuisine at one of New York’s most celebrated high-end eateries. To add icing to the cake, the team also consists of food industry experts, David Rodolitz, Josh Capon, and Conor Hanlon.

The team launched the project on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection consists of 3035 NFTs of which there are 2650 Flyfish Standard (FF) and a limited edition of 385 Flyfish Omakase (FFO).

Although launched in mid-December, volume for the project has picked up since the beginning of January. Moreover, FFO #111 sold for 19.45 ETH, 5 days ago.

A Flyfish Club NFT has a utility that distinguishes itself from other projects around it. Holders of the NFTs can avail of a select fish-themed gastronomical establishment, with the first scheduled to be built in early 2022. Another perk of ownership is that you can also lease out the use of your NFT to others for a fee.

The two-tiered pricing comes along with 2 degrees of excess. The Standard FF token allows restaurant privileges whilst the rarer FFC token gives you entry to the Omakase Room.

The roadmap also states the coming rewards for the year. These include cooking demonstrations from celebrity chef Josh Capon, wine tasting and pop-up events.



PhantaBears is a fashion-conscious NFT collection. Jay Chou fashion brand PHANTACi fired the imagination of PhantaBears creators. This created intense engagement from Chinese collectors. This interest has resulted in volume as high as $82 million dollars in the first weeks of January.

 Jay Chou started his career as a hugely successful pop star before moving into movies as both an actor and director. Later, he started fashion designing and launching his own clothing brand. However, other team members have not disclosed their identities. The reason for this I do not wish to speculate on, but it is worth noting.

The PhantaBear NFT collection was again launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection consists of 10,000 avatars. There are 8 different traits and 142 attributes related to the avatars.

To date, the most expensive avatar sold is PhantaBear #9999, which sold for 148 ETH on January 11th.

The PhantaBear team are using the power on Jay Chou’s name to build a strong following in the metaverse.

The roadmap promises a lot of rewards for holders of a PhantaBear NFT throughout the year.

  • 1st Quarter awards come from the Ezek club with holders entitled to 10% off merch, community airdrops from Ezek and preference minting future celebrity partnerships.
  • 2nd Quarter will see attention move to creating a multimedia platform, including virtual concerts, and a virtual cinema that holders can partake of.
  • 3rd Quarter will concentrate on physical rewards with and admittance to a private virtual club.
  • 4th Quarter there will be an Ezek virtual concert and the opening of the Exek entertainment metaverse.

Oxya Origin Project


Oxya Origin Project is a collection of 7898 one-off 3D Oxyan NFTs The team of designers has experience on productions on Netflix, and Marvel, and includes Laury Guintrand. The Oxyans come from 3 different planets and are divided into 9 tribes.

The collection is the opening salvo in what is to become a full futuristic gaming experience.

Since the team launched the collection on the 6th of January there has been a lot of trading volume, going as high as $35 million in a 7-day trading period.

The team envision an expanding universe where players can conquer a universe.

The roadmap for the coming year is jam-packed.

  • In the 1st quarter, the team will disclose the gameplay mechanics and the project’s tokenomics.
  • The 2nd quarter will include land sales, the beginning of monthly quests and the commencement of an in-game shop.
  • The 3rd quarter will be a bumper one, with rent and token payout utilities added to the Land. Some players will be afforded ‘Nobility Status’ and receive 10% of allotted royalty fees.
  • In the final quarter, Oxya Origin will have its own marketplace, PVP land rewards and the BIG REVEAL of their Oxya Universe.

These 3 new NFT projects look promising and thanks to DappRadar. There are many more projects to release in the coming months and we shall endeavour to keep you abreast of all the latest projects in these exciting times for NFT enthusiasts. Don’t forget to do your own research before buying into a new project. Happy NFT hunting out there.


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