Betting Protocol Azuro Launches Testnet v2 With Weekly Challenges To Win Unique NFTs

Professional sports bettors who’re fed up with bookmakers screwing them over with low odds and limits on their betting could do worse than to check out Azuro now that it has launched version 2.0 of its testnet.

Alongside the launch, Azuro has announced the beginning of new weekly challenges for bettors that give them the chance of winning unique NFTs, not to mention Discord roles that will give them a say in the evolution of the protocol.

Azuro is the antithesis of centralized bookmakers that not only dictate the odds, but also try to screw over successful bettors in every way they can think of, by limiting their stakes, delaying payouts and voiding winning bets for all manner of trumped-up reasons. The fact is that if bettors regularly win, the bookmakers will always try to find a way to stop them.

Democratizing Betting

Azuro promises to put an end to that by democratizing betting with a blockchain-based protocol that ensures instant payouts, no limits and full transparency. Whereas on traditional sportsbooks the bookmaker creates the odds, provides liquidity and makes all the rules, Azuro uses smart contracts and enables the community to perform each of those roles instead. It results in greater fairness, with more value shared among participants within its ecosystem.

It’s not yet possible to play with real crypto on Azuro, but with the launch of Testnet v2, bettors can now test the platform with pretend tokens ahead of its launch in the second quarter of the year. With v2, Azuro has also added four new soccer markets – namely full-time result, double chance, total goals, and handicap result. It’s also planning to launch two new markets – match-winner and map winner – for the eSports titles Dota2 and CS:Go.

Weekly Challenges

The Weekly Challenges will be renewed each week throughout the month of January, and there are three of them. First, there’s the Weekly Betting Challenge, which gives bettors the chance to win both a Discord role and a Savvy Bettor NFT that will provide some sort of utility once Azuro launches its mainnet. To win the challenge, bettors have to join the Azure Discord channel, verify their wallets, and then win three full-time result bets on the soccer market by Sunday night, Jan. 16.

Other challenges include a Mystery Challenge. Azuro hasn’t revealed exactly what bettors are required to do to earn themselves a Mystery Solver Discord role and NFT, though it said there’s every chance people might win them accidentally. Alternatively, those who really want to know what the challenge involves can keep an eye out for clues on the official Azuro Discord.

Last, Azuro is running a weekly Meme Challenge that involves creating an Azuro-themed meme around the idea of sports, betting or crypto. This will be the hardest of all NFTs to win, with just three prizes available.

If you think you have what it takes to overcome Azuro’s weekly challenges and become an acknowledged decentralized betting king, head on over to its betting portal now. Odds have already been opened on a number of big matches set to take place later this week, including the North London Derby between Arsenal and Spurs this Sunday, plus a key clash between Premier League champions Man City and its title rival Chelsea.


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