Nas to drop NFT songs with royalties attached

Nas, the winner of the 2021 Grammy for best rap album, has declared he is to release NFT songs. These will allow admirers of his music to purchase a stake in 2 of his songs. The songs are “Ultra Black” and “Rare”. The NFTs will be minted on the 11th of January, on

As an owner of the song NFTs, you will be guaranteed a certain percentage of streaming royalties for the song. The percentage you receive is conditional on the NFT you have. Theses NFTs or Limited Digital Assets (LDA,s) have streaming royalties embedded in them. So, your share of royalties is tied to the LDA tier you purchase.

Nas released the 2 songs via his label Mass Appeal. The first NFT song “Ultra Black” comes from his 2021 Grammy winning album ‘King’s Disease”. The drop occurs at 1pm EST on the 11th of January.

The second song “Rare” is part of the Grammy nominated 2022 album “Kings Disease II”. The drop occurs later in the day of the 11th at 9pm EST.

Each drop is first come first serve.

Drop Details for Nas NFT songs

For the first drop, “Ultra Black”, 760 tokens will be available. There are 3 price tiers:

  • Gold: tokens come at a price of $50 each and entitle the owner to 0.0143% of royalties from streaming revenues.
  • Platinum: costs $250 a token and entitles the owner to 0.0857%.
  • Diamond: entitles the owner of the LDA to 2.14% of streaming royalties and come at a price of $4,999.

This is followed by the drop of the second Nas NFT songs, “Rare”. There are 1110 tokens available for this drop. Again, there are 3 tiers to choose from:

  • Gold: the price is $99 per token and entitles you to 0.0113% of streaming royalties.
  • Platinum: tokens can be purchased for $499 each and entitle the owner to 0.0658% of streaming royalties.
  • Diamond: tokens come at a cost of $9,999 each and entitle you 1.5789% of streaming royalties.

The Polygon network will be used for the drop, allowing for shorter wait times and cheaper gas fees.

This is another opportunity to be in on a first in this NFT space. Who knows what lifetime royalties from a song, could amount to?


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