Baby Ghosts NFT just sold 25% of their collection

When a wraith daddy and banshee mommy love each other very much, what happens? Well, you get baby ghosts of course – really cool ones, in fact, from a community-driven project, called, you guessed it – Baby Ghosts!

Baby Ghosts have been haunting the blockchain since October and are on their way to selling out in the next few weeks. Now is the time to jump on board with a thriving community and get your hands on one.

The Baby Ghost team – Lokii, OxBaguette, Charles, MRK, Chronos, and Link – are presenting a collection of 10,000 unique Baby Ghosts NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The team has a solid plan for the next stages of Baby Ghosts sales which includes a big donation to a very worthy cause when they reach 50% of sales (they are selling 100 a day).

Each Baby Ghosts NFT is unique and offers the chance to get different tiers of rarity when minting one: ‘Chilling’, ‘Freaky’, ‘Ethereal’, and ‘Hallowed’, with ‘Hallowed’ being the rarest and most sought-after tier. Minting is 0.05 ETH on their website.

Roadmap for the Baby Ghosts NFT collection

The team hails out of the US, France, and New Zealand (we wonder who gets the pleasure of waking up in the middle of the night for meetings?) – either way, the project has just successfully completed the first stage of its road map – selling 25% of the Baby Ghosts NFTs.

Having reached 25% – the project is giving away 10 Baby Ghosts to their Discord members and just gave out 1 ETH to one random OG Baby Ghost owner from the presale whitelist.

Here’s the rest of the Baby Ghosts team’s roadmap for hitting sales targets:

50% – Baby Ghosts are donating a handsome sum of $30,000 to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, USA. This is an amazing cause. St. Jude’s is a treatment and research facility focused on the toughest childhood diseases. Care and treatment are free for the children but come at high costs for the hospital.

75% – Baby Ghosts will launch their online merchandise store. 100% of these sales will go directly back into the community wallet where members of the Baby Ghosts community can vote and have input into how the funds are spent.

100% – When this magic number is reached, Baby Ghosts will be launching a new Baby Ghosts-themed NFT Collection with exclusive pre-sale access for Baby Ghosts owners. Not only that, 10 ETH will be distributed among 10  random holders.

Like all great NFT avatar projects – a strong and active community is key to the success of the project and for resale potential in the secondary market.

Baby Ghosts have got this covered in spades. This writer joined their Discord and found an active community of proud holders, gamers, giveaways, and raffles, and it’s good to see the Baby Ghosts team actively engaging with members.

For example, they are doing a ‘Sweep the Floor’ event where every wallet that purchases a Baby Ghost on Opensea gets another dropped into their wallet!

Baby Ghosts is a solid project. They have thousands of owners and at the time of writing have a trading volume of 24.7 ETH on Opensea. They expect to hit 50% of sales soon followed by that big donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis. They have an engaged community with many owners proudly showing off their newly minted ghosts on social media.


For us, this project ticks all the boxes. But why not check it out for yourself??

Visit their website here – where you can view more Baby Ghosts, or, just get yourself in with this great project by minting your own Baby Ghost.

Join their 17k followers in Discord and 11k followers on Twitter and see for yourself the excitement surrounding the project. Get one from the collection of 10,000 Baby Ghosts NFT.

Happy Baby Ghost Hunting!


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