The SolaVerse Start Token Rewards For NFT Holders In Their Metaverse

On December 1, 2021, The SolaVerse started to reward their NFT holders with token rewards. SOLA-STAR NFTs are still available on the main website, with 60% of the supply already minted. You can mint a SOLA-STAR, register on the Dashboard, and start claiming your rewards today.

The swell of recent investment in the Metaverse has propelled projects such as Sandbox, Decentraland, and many others to new heights, laying a path for future Metaverse titans. The SolaVerse couples the limitless wonder of the stars to the unlimited potential of the Metaverse, providing endless opportunities for exploration, community, and of course, rewards in the final frontier.

Forbes recently published an interview with The SolaVerse founders (Senna and Jon) where they describe the project as:

“The SolaVerse is becoming a full-scale metaverse, based in space. Ever wanted to own your own galaxy or solar system and decide the rules and reap the rewards of deals that happen in your milky way? This might be the first chance you’ll have at fulfilling your dream. On top of owning a rare virtual and spatial NFT, any activity that takes place in an owner’s space will provide them with token rewards simply by holding and staking it. By holding a SOLA-STAR you will earn token rewards for staking your NFT, and for players playing within your SOLA-SYSTEM. On top of that, you’ll gain access to exclusive private events and countless more benefits.”

With the release of their whitepaper and upcoming reveal, The SolaVerse seems destined for greatness. In just 8 weeks they have built a following of over 40,000 followers on Twitter and 10,000 members on Discord and the community seems to be growing by the day. Once the remaining 900 NFTs are minted, the reveal will happen on Opensea and on The SolaVerse website.

You can find out more on their channels below:

Website | Discord | Twitter | Medium | Reddit | Telegram


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