Solana and Pintu announce the Indonesia Art Project – an NFT competition for talented artists and creators

This week, Solana Indonesia and Pintu announced the Indonesia Art Project, an NFT competition for Indonesian visual artists and creators to celebrate the vibrant and diverse local art scene.

In this 4 week long competition visual artists and art enthusiasts of all skill levels can submit their artwork to showcase their craft directly to a stellar lineup of local and international art collectors, judges, and creators to win the prizes from the prize pool of over $70,000. They are joined by local and global partners, such as Serum, Metaplex, Magic Eden, USS FEED, Eizper Chain, Project SEED, Coinvestasi, Indonesian NFT artist Izzy, NFT, and crypto enthusiast Arnold Poernomo.

NFTs have created an inflection point for artists and creators, allowing them to monetise their work directly with their audience. The Indonesia Art Project is a launchpad for local artists to showcase their art to a global audience with NFTs on Solana. Solana is a fast and scalable blockchain, delivering a low fee environment that creates a massive opportunity for the artists and creators to NFT stores without spending thousands of dollars on gas fees.

“Blockchain knows no geographic bounds, and has shown that, no matter where artists are based, there’s a global community behind them” said Matthew Beck, partner at Solana Ventures. “We’re excited to support this collaboration, and introduce new people to the power of NFTs and digital art.”

“Visual arts have always been a big part of Indonesian culture. We have many talented artists whose work may not get the exposure and appreciation that it deserves. Through blockchain technology, we believe artists can express their works to a global audience in the form of digital arts (NFTs) and get rewarded in crypto assets. Pintu and the Solana network share this same vision to support artists in Indonesia” said Timothius Martin, Chief Marketing Officer at Pintu.

Interested visual artists and creators may sign up for the Indonesia Art Project by clicking through the link here.

About Solana

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About Pintu

Pintu is a mobile-first crypto wallet and trading platform in Indonesia. We are one of the very few crypto exchanges in Indonesia that is officially licensed by the Bappebti, Ministry of Trade. Pintu aims to make cryptocurrency easier to understand by anyone as well as help bridge the Rupiah to the crypto world. We are focusing on the intuitive user interface, ease of use, and in-app educational content predominantly for new and casual crypto investors.


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