Hathor Network and A Pre-Marketplace NFT Community

Hathor Network is a scalable and easy-to-use blockchain for digital assets. Their goal is to bring the power and utility of blockchain technology to the masses. A relatively new entrant into the world of crypto, Hathor (HTR), is a proof-of-work blockchain-based digital platform designed for lightweight financial transactions and contracts.

As well as that, and even without a marketplace to currently sell on, artists and creators have taken to Hathor to create some interesting and unique NFT projects and communities.

Let’s find out more.

Hathor – The Blockchain Made Easy

Hathor is keen to highlight that their technology is a natural evolution of Bitcoin’s technology where they can successfully achieve 200+tps with no master nodes.

They also highlight how easy-to-use their blockchain is, and say it’s one of the main reasons why so many artists and developers are making Hathor their choice of platform to build on even pre-marketplace.

Custom tokens and NFTs can be minted within seconds and require nothing more than a small HTR deposit, that can be recuperated through token melting.

Hathor’s ease of use also means there are no gas fees, solidity or ERC-20. Transactions are instant and feeless – no more paying hundreds of dollars on gas fees to make simple transactions.

So, what does this mean for NFT creators and enthusiasts?

With Hathor Network, anyone can follow the simple documentation and launch their own creative projects on the Hathor blockchain. Over the last 12 months, many thriving communities have been built around custom community coins and more recently a surge in amazing NFT projects has taken place on the Hathor blockchain.

What’s more, these projects are being built on Hathor even without a marketplace to sell on.

This illustrates a strong community. Furthermore, what makes this community stand out even more, is that all secondary market trading is done by the community-led OTC trading group.

Hathor Network’s NFT Market Place is coming soon thanks to NileSwap, the team behind the future marketplace on Hathor. This will be a true game-changer for everyone already involved in the Hathor community and what makes getting in early very exciting.

Cool NFT Projects on Hathor Network

Here are some NFT projects currently building or already available on Hathor.


The Anubians project was the first large random generative NFT project built on Hathor. Their artist, Hathor Bert, somewhat of a community celebrity, designed these amazing pieces using his pixel art talent. With an ancient Egypt theme, these characters vary based on the rarity of character models, clothing, backgrounds and items held. There are even some very rare god characters as well as some mega rare accessories such as ‘Duke’s Mayo’ in honour of Bert’s love for the sauce.

The Anubian collection is made up of 10,000 of these NFTs which sold out in less than a week! Their mint price was 40 HTR at launch and once they sold out these pieces were sold on for well over 4x the price for commons and one rare selling for over 10,000 HTR. Although these pieces are sold out they are still hugely popular and will always be remembered as one of the first large NFT projects to launch on the network. Check out their Twitter.

Hathor Gum

These NFTs are a collection of fully 3D rendered packs of gum. They bring a different art style to Hathor – 3D rendered and in some cases animated.

The collection will be made up of 5,000 pieces of art each adhering to a rarity system that considers the packaging, flavour, text, background, and merge. These traits will then form a full NFT rarity score that falls under one of the following tiers: common, uncommon, rare, mythic, and legendary.

The project will be airdropping a golden ticket to only 100 owners of the gum NFTs making them even rarer! They have a full whitepaper on what to expect from the project long-term and how they intend on building and creating a great community on Hathor. Hathor Gum NFTs have not been made available to mint yet so keep an eye on their socials.

The Vikings of Hathor

The project seeks to promote Hathor to new shores and extend the marketing reach of the blockchain with community Twitter raids and their Norse-themed NFT collection.

The collection features 3,939 randomly generated Norse characters, these are made up of regular Vikings to Norse gods such as Odin. Loki, Freya and more. The art is hand drawn. Rarity of the NFTs will be determined by character models, backgrounds and all sorts of cool and fun accessories a Viking may have. The project also has a roadmap and community coin that will be used to achieve great things not only for themselves but for the entire Hathor Network.

There will be more to come from the creators of this collection keep an eye on their socials.


MyGamerCat is an NFT cartoon project that follows the adventures of a cute cat through different gaming worlds. One of the most exciting things about this project, besides the cats obviously, is that the artist working on it draws for Disney. It is Hathor’s ‘ease of use’ that has attracted this sort of talent with many more will follow.

The NFT collection is still being created but their community is growing stronger every day with regular teasers on the amazing artwork. Again, this project will feature rarity scores based on backgrounds, accessories and situations your gamer cat may be in. We like the attention to detail on these pieces, especially around the HUD of the NFTs.

The project is due to launch end of November and should not be missed. You can keep up with all the launch details on their socials here.

What Next for Hathor & NFTs?

We hope you enjoyed this dive into a great community-building great projects on a blockchain with so much potential. There are more projects building NFTs on Hathor, all with different goals and exciting features – stay tuned as we follow their progress.


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