City States Medieval whitelist giveaway

City States Medieval which is being developed on the Stellar blockchain, recently announced its first, of many, NFT giveaways. City States which is an NFT strategy game is doing the giveaway in preparation of their whitelist for future sales. There is only a day left so get in quick.

To get the chance of a spot on the whitelist you will need to participate and publicize the project. Those chosen via this method will get a added to the list as a ‘VIP Bronze’. Alternatively, you can leapfrog others with one of the limited ‘VIP Silver and VIP Gold’ passes.

To join the whitelist for City States Medieval, you need to complete a certain number of tasks. For each one you complete you will be given a certain number of points, ranging from 1 to 5. Each point gives you 1 entry for the whitelist. So, the more tasks you complete the more entries you have for the draw.

Here is where you can sign up.

The tasks are not arduous nor time consuming. It is a matter of following accounts and sharing some of their social media.

What is City States Medieval

City States Medieval which is still in development, is an MMO strategy game, and according to their Lite paper is like Lords mobile game. In the game, you can build a city in which you can level up your buildings and army as you progress.

To grow your city, you need to accumulate resources, which you then craft and sell on the marketplace. An added plus to the game is that you can build what you like, where and when you want. You can also change buildings giving you the opportunity to redesign them to produce more profitable goods. These can vary from armaments to booze.

You start of with a few villagers that gather resources. You then begin to build your city and begin to create an economy to help advance your city.

As your city grows more workers will be needed. These in turn will need fed and as you progress soldiers will need to trained up and incorporated into your army.

Those villagers that join the ranks of the army can be further trained in 5 disciplines, with different armor and characteristics. The armor and such can either be made in your village or bought on the marketplace.

The game uses the Hex token, which is on the Stellar blockchain network for all in game transactions and as a gateway to FIAT. It can be bought via your City States Medieval dashboard.

Their Governance Token, CSM, is available on Stellar, Binance Smart Chain and there has been a recent integration with WAX.


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