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Million Dollar Token Page, the homepage of the metaverse, to buy exclusive blocks for showcasing NFTs

Could this be the new homepage of the Metaverse?

Milliondollartokenpage.com (MDTP) is a brand-new platform that will give a limited number of people the opportunity to own an exclusive Block where they can display their NFT projects to the world.

MDTP was inspired by the famous Milliondollarhomepage.com website – which exploded in popularity as an advertising board back in 2005.

Now, thanks to the rise of Web3, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, you can own an exclusive Block of digital space or sell it at a profit, all without intermediaries.

We can already see over 40 projects and sites represented on the site, projects like Cryptovoxels, Loot and Metaguardians.

Could this become the place to find new projects being launched?

$ million token page

How does MDTP work?

MDTP has 10,000 Blocks where ownership of each Block is represented by a unique NFT on the Ethereum network. Anyone can buy a Block on MDTP and display their projects.

Your project will get seen by all MDTP visitors – which will generate interest for your project and help to increase the value of your Block. To then update the block just connect your wallet and an update option will appear.

The team behind MDTP is focused on building a strong community that will be actively involved in the growth of the platform. Blocks will be released in batches of 1,000 NFTs, with input from the community along the way – until all 10,000 have been launched.

The first batch of NFT Blocks is now up for sale for 0.01 ETH each. Each buyer is limited to a maximum of 35 NFT Blocks, to ensure fair distribution and the growth of a varied creative community.

Future batches will be released at different prices, with new rules, which the community will help to decide.

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