Crypto artist Igor talks about creating digital art

Today we are showcasing a veteran digital artist, Igor, who has been creating digital art for 11 years. This interview follows on from other great interviews with influential crypto artists and NFT minters.

Part 1 Biography

What is your background?

I’ve been creating digital art for more than 11 years.

I’ve got a university degree in architecture majoring in landscape design.

How does it inform your art?

It gave me an understanding of composition. I know the basics of composition and I see general architectural trends and directions. In addition to that, it helped to broaden my horizons.

What does art mean to you?

Art is everything for me. It’s a matter of recognition.

Who/what are your most important artistic influences?

When it comes to art, my grandfather had the greatest influence on me. He is an artist himself, a painter, and he creates physical paintings.

What type of art do you create and what motivates you to create digital art?

I love creating digital art and combining it with composing music. Right now, for me, a picture does not exist apart from music. I can see them only combined in a symbiosis where one does not exist without the other.

What do people need to know about you, about how you think? and why you create to understand and appreciate your artwork?

I create visual and communicative art content. The main idea is that I create both music and art in 3D. For me, art without sound is the same as watching a movie without sound, i.e. it is not alive, but with sound, it comes to life.

How do you define success as an artist?

An artist’s success lies in recognition. Recognition of many people, and connoisseurs of art.

How do you define success as a person?

Personal success for me is my family.

What are you besides an artist? 

I am also the founder of the digital studio called G studio, the design director of the Forestal company, which is located in Andorra, and a partner in the Rimarka company, I’m the creator of the Rimarka home direction.

From your own experience can you see more people coming into the digital art space?

Regarding the fact that there’s a lot of new artists, I can confirm and say it’s true. There is really more of them. But all the best and the strongest ones are still here. Young artists often come and go.

What do you predict for the future of digital art?

I think that thanks to NFT, digital art will finally come to life as it should have existed. Because art basically follows us throughout our lives, i.e. we all have eyes, and we look at everything that surrounds us, including digital art.

Part 2. Focus on Artwork

View on
In this specific artwork, what skills and techniques did you use? Were any of them recent additions to your repertoire?

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter at all what techniques an artist uses. The most important thing is that the created art includes all types of life experiences. For example, playing the piano, walking in a rainy forest, my inspirations, and impressions that I put into my work. And any type of software can be used.

What does this artwork mean to you? How are those ideas expressed in this artwork?

For me, this is an opportunity to show how simple forms, combined with audio and communication effects, acquire a hypnotic effect.

Is the influence of other artists or other parts of the overall culture evident in this piece? If so, who or what and how?

As for the influence of other artists, it’s more some kind of collective image that I am constantly impressed with and inspired by, i.e. it’s a lot of artists, the entire artistic community, and not any single one in particular.

How does it fit in (or not) with the rest of your artwork?

I am currently experimenting with dispersion in my work. Later I want to do some experiments with matte and semi-transparent materials.

When people view this artwork, what do you want them to experience and think about?

I just want people to watch these artworks nonstop.

Part 3. Marketing your digital art

What types of goods and services do you have for sale?

I put up for sale only the works that I consider representing a complete composition. Anything that is not finished yet is not for sale.

Is there pricing information you can offer here, to give potential buyers an idea of the “order of magnitude” of your pricing? 

Я всегда выставляю цену 1.3 ETH. Это моя любимая цифра

How do you offer your work for sale?

My works can be found on the Foundation marketplace:

What is the best way/place for people to contact you?

You can contact me via my twitter account:

Or via my Instagram account;

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