Upcoming Drops-lushsux, MURAT SAYINGER, Antonio García Villarán, David McLeod, The 7th Portal

We are excited to introduce a week of epic Drops from lushsux, Murat Saygıner, Antonio García Villarán, David McLeod and The 7th Portal. lushsux lushsux is Australia’s most prolific street artist, the world’s first official meme artist and founder of the meme movement, an undeniable force within today’s internet culture. Based in Melbourne, lushsux’s iconic, thought-provoking … Read more


 Joel Rea is a highly acclaimed and multi award-winning artist known for his surreal, allegorical paintings. Rea’s oil on canvas works stand somewhere between genres of hyperrealism, photorealism and virtuosic Renaissance realism. From this amalgamation of influences, Rea has created a unique and recognisable style portraying social awareness and personal introspection through his impeccable execution … Read more

Lucas Zanotto -Animals

Lucas Zanotto Lucas Zanotto is a designer, animator and director who was born in Italy and is now based in Helsinki, Finland. Zanotto is known for his playful take on design, which uses shape, form and color to instill a youthful sense of delight. His creations are bright and joyful, providing users with a much needed … Read more

Protected: The Fantasy Legacy of Frank Frazetta Lives On

Frank Frazetta : The GodFather of Fantasy Art (February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010) If you are a lover of fantasy art or culture in any form, Frank Frazetta is a name you should know. Dubbed the “Godfather of Fantasy Art”, Frazetta’s iconic artworks have laid the foundation for contemporary fantasy culture as we … Read more

Ancestral Awakenings with Digital Artist Ahmed Partey – Exclusive Interview

Art is the means of expressing any form of feeling and thought in my opinion. With my interest in art I have always wanted that authenticity to be portrayed. I want people to see my art and recognize its source of inspiration, African culture. I want people to feel their connection with their ancestors, the … Read more