Splinterlands Sold Out All Land on First Continent

Less than 12 hours after tweeting that there are 7,000 land plots left, Splinterlands sold out all 150,000 land plots on the continent of Praetoria. The last land plots were selling for $20 per plot, even though earlier pre-sales offered land with a 50%, 40% and 30% discount. The first wave of land parcels for … Read more

Cybernetics Packs Coming to Doctor Who on Thursday

Reality Gaming Group has announced the release of Cybernetics Packs coming to the trading card game Doctor Who: Worlds Apart. These packs still contain the same cards, but with a different frame. The Cybernetics Packs offers three new frames, and therefore a new opportunity to get a card with a low serial number. The new … Read more

Immutable Making Good Progress on Gods Unchained Mobile

Even though they aren’t ready to release their trading card game Gods Unchained on mobile devices, Immutable has communicated that they are making ‘good progress’. The team is working on an iOS and Android version of the game, and really needs to finetune the touchscreen interface. Normally gamers play Gods Unchained on a computer screen … Read more

Splinterlands Announced SPS Governance Token

Splinterlands has announced their own governance token, Splintershards or SPS. The teams considers the token to be part of their efforts to give ownership over the game to the players. Ownership over SPS will make players a member of a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO. Distribution of the SPS token will start in July. Splintershards … Read more

Dark Country Land Sale Coming to Wax Next Week

Next week Dark Country will sell the first land parcels on the Wax blockchain. Gamers interested in buying land will need to be whitelisted. The presale takes place on May 25th through the Atomic Hub Marketplace, followed by a main sale within 14 days. The Dark Country land sale isn’t open for everybody. The first … Read more

Play to Earn: How to Make Money in Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a trading card game that runs on the Hive blockchain and interacts with several others, and it fits the Play to Earn philosophy perfectly. Originally called Steem Monsters, this trading card game allows players to battle monsters in exchange for rewards. Players can level up cards by combining two or more of the … Read more

Dark Country Land Sale Takes Place Next Week

Dark Country will launch their land sale on the Flow blockchain next week on Thursday May 13th. The first round of the land pre-sale will start at 3PM UTC, and a second round will start one hour after the first round. However, this will only happen if any land is left. Gamers who are interested … Read more

Hasbro Eyeing NFTs for Magic: The Gathering

Toy and game giant Hasbro is seeing serious opportunities with NFTs for some of its biggest franchises, including the trading card game Magic: The Gathering. CEO Brian Goldner said in an earnings call that NFTs could accelerate the business for the Magic franchise. Goldner in particular talked about Magic Arena, the latest game in the … Read more

Trading Card Game Dark Country Coming to Flow

The trading card game Dark Country will expand its ecosystem from the Wax blockchain to Flow, and in the future more chains will likely follow. Players who play the game on Flow, will have their own continent, and there will be an option to have more than one continent per blockchain. Dark Country has been … Read more

Dark Country Adding Land and Play-to-Earn

Trading card game Dark Country will add another layer of gameplay to their gaming universe by introducing land and the Shadow Dimes currency. There will be a world map with continents and lands, where landowners and players can earn a new currency. There’s no release date yet, but Wecan Dev Studios has shared lots of … Read more