Vorto Gaming Partnered with NEAR Protocol

Vorto Gaming is looking to bring its gaming platform to NEAR Protocol after receiving 25,000 NEAR and another $10,000 grant from the NEAR Foundation. How the Vorto Network, a blockchain solution tailored for play-to-earn gaming, will connect to the NEAR Protocol is a bit unclear so far. Vorto Gaming came into existence after VZ Games … Read more

Alien Worlds Missions Reward NFTs and TLM Tokens

Alien Worlds players will need to lease spaceships to go on missions and earn rewards paid in TLM tokens and NFTs. The developers revealed these first details of Planet Binance and the Planet Binance Missions in a blog post. However, the launch date is still clouded in mystery. When the Planet Binance Missions launch, players … Read more

Gala Games Puts $1 Million Behind Town Star Competition

Gala Games is adding a whole lot more competition to their already competitive play-to-earn farm game Town Star by having a $1 million prize pool. During May there will be four weekly tournaments, each with $250,000 in prizes. When newly added NFTs for the game sell out, another $250,000 in prizes will be added to … Read more

Tower Chest Sale Begins in Two Weeks

Animoca Brands has announced the their first chest sale for the Tower token project will start on May 12th. They will sell 6,500 chests, and each contains multiple Tower Game Card NFTs. The cards are artworks based on the Crazy Defense Heroes franchise, can be used in a future game and will have some DeFi … Read more

Remade Hash Rush Play Test Coming Soon

The real-time strategy game Hash Rush will launch the sign-up for their play test on Tuesday May 4th, at 8:00 AM UTC. A maximum of 30,000 gamers will have the ability to play the completely revamped version of the strategy game this summer. A free-to-play version of the game is already available on the official … Read more

Revived 0xUniverse Now Introduced Artifacts

They want a bit under my radar in the past couple of months, but 0xUniverse is alive and kicking on Polygon, and now launched a big update with their artifacts. Players can now stake mined energy onto planets to find Artifacts, a valuable type of NFT. It’s a new DeFi mechanic that’s being added to … Read more

Conquest Alpha Competition Launching Tomorrow

The on-chain space domination game Conquest will launch its alpha competition this Saturday, giving all participants a chance for glory and $1,000 of Etherplay tokens. The testing phase and competition will take approximately two weeks. Progress made during the testing phases will be undone when the game launches onto mainnet. In Conquest.eth the universe is … Read more

Animoca To Launch TOWER NFT Chest Sale

Animoca Brands is planning an NFT sale around its newly launched TOWER token, adding another layer to the experimental free-to-play-to-earn program involving their mobile games. Gamers can use these special NFTs in a future game, or stake them to earn TOWER. Functionalities will go live this Fall. They will sell three chests: bronze, silver and … Read more

Farsite Airdrops Campaign Ahead of Crates Pre-Sale

As the space adventure game Farsite is ramping up for its upcoming crates pre-sale, they’ve launched an airdrops campaign where everybody can earn spaceship parts. Gamers who apply now, get a starter spacecraft. They can then upgrade the spacecraft through social challenges, content creation and inviting their friends. This social promotion campaign is a big … Read more

R-Planet Landowners Can Earn Land in Uplift World

Gamers who will soon buy land in the space strategy exploration game R-Planet, also get the opportunity to earn a piece of land in Uplift World. First you will need to acquire a piece of land in R-Planet, which then needs to be boosted. Every boosted piece of land is automatically eligible for a land … Read more