Ubisoft Working with Crucible & Guild of Guardians

The metaverse organization Crucible, game studio Horizon and the action role playing game Guild of Guardians are among the eleven companies that will work with Ubisoft for the coming months. This program is meant to support innovative startups to create products and services that will enhance the entertainment industry. These three companies aren’t unknown to … Read more

SkyWeaver and Guild of Guardians devs enter Ubisoft’s Entrepreneurs Lab

Ubisoft has announced the sixth season of its Entrepreneurs Lab.  Eleven game companies have been accepted into the six month program, of which five use the blockchain. In terms of blockchain games, the key companies are SkyWeaver developer Horizon and Stepico, which is the team behind Guild of Guardians. Previous companies include Axie Infinity dev … Read more

Skyweaver Introduces New Game Mode in Private Beta

Trading card game Skyweaver is adding the Conquest game mode to its private beta, while also introducing their Sequence wallet. Together with a new login flow these are the latest editions to the card game. The new game mode will go live on Thursday, April 22nd. According to Horizon Blockchain Games this major update is … Read more

All blockchain games in beta – Blankos’ open beta now live

What you should be playing, testing and spending on Nothing is more exciting or more dynamic than the blockchain games market. Each day throws up new projects, each with their own roadmap in terms of alpha and beta testing. Keeping track of all that activity is hard, but that’s what we’re attempting to do in … Read more