Announcing $ALLEY LP Rewards Program.

NFT Alley May 10·2 min read We are excited to announce that the ALLEY/BNB LP rewards program would be starting from 5/10/2021 5:30pm UTC. Snippets: Users who provide liquidity to Pancake ALLEY/BNB pair and stake their LP tokens will earn $ALLEY as reward. The rewards program will run for 1 month.* 12,000 $ALLEY will be used … Read more

The Drakons Leaderboards & Rewards

Introduction From the early editions of Drakons, the Drakon Masters have seen only one leaderboard, the Ranked Leaderboard. This is where Drakon Masters are listed based on their rank and number of medals won. Medals are what a Drakon Master gets for every victory, Likewise, for every defeat, a Drakon Master loses a medal. This … Read more