User-Created Wearables in Cryptovoxels Next Week

It looks like Cryptovoxels will finally allow users to create and mint their own digital fashion or wearables starting from next week. The developers removed the option amidst rising gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain, and they now migrated their minting systems to the Polygon sidechain. On their Twitter account Cryptovoxels mayor Ben Nolan wrote … Read more

Revived 0xUniverse Now Introduced Artifacts

They want a bit under my radar in the past couple of months, but 0xUniverse is alive and kicking on Polygon, and now launched a big update with their artifacts. Players can now stake mined energy onto planets to find Artifacts, a valuable type of NFT. It’s a new DeFi mechanic that’s being added to … Read more

Cometh Adds New Mining Mechanism to Spaceships

Cometh has launched a new mechanism to their mining game, which allows rover robots to start mining on radioactive meteors. Spaceships themselves can’t mine from these special meteors, and therefore they depend on the Machinery attribute to drop a mining rover on the asteroid. Players can only place these mining rovers on radioactive meteors. Players … Read more

Ethermon Will Get Its Own District in Decentraland

The Pokémon-inspired pet battle game Ethermon is ramping up for its next evolution, as they not only revealed their own native EMON token, but also their own district inside Decentraland. Ethermon got completely revamped since the project relaunched as Ethermon Awakening back in 2019. There’s a lot more content, and the game runs on the … Read more

Ember Sword Releases More Info About Land Sale

Even though Bright Star Studios didn’t provide any dates or details about pricing, they did reveal that they’ll sell 12,000 parcels during their first land sale for Ember Sword. Buyers will be able to select pre-defined grids of land plots, which vary from a 1×1 up to roughly 20×20 parcels. The first land sale for … Read more

How to Buy Artvatars on Polygon

Artvatars, a new on-chain generated art project, will launch tomorrow on the Polygon blockchain, but how do you buy these NFTs? You will need to have ETH on the Polygon blockchain, so let’s take a look on how to arrange that. Each of the Artvatars collectibles is an uniquely generated avatars, made from twelve parts. … Read more

Flowerpatch Now Also Available on Polygon

Cannabis farming MMO Flowerpatch is now available on the Polygon blockchain, while the Ethereum version is also still live. Players can now breed, plant and harvest flowers from both blockchains in the virtual lands of Alvita. Developer Nugbase is also working on a seamless bridge between Polygon and Ethereum to transfer and sell NFTs. The … Read more

Webaverse NFTs Coming to Ethereum and Polygon

The blockchain-powered online world of Webaverse has been running on its own Ethereum sidechain, but will now give its users the option to mint their NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet. In addition the developers will add Polygon as a minting option as well. They made this choice to give players the option to connect with … Read more

Gala Games Adds Support for Polygon to Ecosystem

Gala Games wants to give gamers all the choice in the world, and therefore the company now announced that Polygon will be added to their ecosystem. The company is working to add as many Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain solutions to their network, giving players more options to move their NFTs around. Gala Games … Read more

Synergy of Serra Announces Alpha Fame Rewards

The upcoming trading card game Synergy of Serra now allows users to deposit their unopened crates and start earning Alpha Fame from April 4th onwards. Every week 10 million Alpha Fame will be distributed to all those who are staking their crates, and these tokens aren’t tradeable. Game studio Calystral announced their alpha supporter reward … Read more