Atari Game Jam winners

It was a very special first Game Jam for 2021. A collaboration with the pioneering video game company saw the community flex its creative muscle to produce Atari-themed games – with a uniquely Decentraland twist – for the official Retro Arcade. Submissions were awarded points for the overall idea, design, interactivity and ‘wow factor’. As … Read more

Game Jam returns for 2021

Join the Retro Arcade Launch Party9pm UTC, February 10Free POAP and Atari wearables As you will have seen in previous communications, like this blog post, Atari is coming to Decentraland. The pioneering video game creator is to occupy a large Estate in the metaverse for the creation of a giant retro arcade featuring classic Atari … Read more

New Builder Contest: Cyberpunk 2021

In collaboration with Aetheria Project, Decentraland is holding the Cyberpunk Builder Contest. Kicking off on February 2, you’ll create scenes with a cool cyberpunk theme for the Aetheria District. And you have a month (until March 2) to flex your creative muscles. For any of you not familiar with the term cyberpunk, try to imagine … Read more

DAO Community Funding

Back in February of 2020 the Decentraland DAO was launched, giving the community control over the future of the metaverse via a voting platform for decisions and proposals. DAOs (or decentralized autonomous organizations) are still new governance systems, and there are many ways in which their implementation and usage can be improved. Decentraland’s DAO is … Read more

Why We're Making the Enjin Platform Free

The Enjin Platform is hands-down the easiest way to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain items—and integrate them into any software. Since its launch, it has attracted over 1,500 projects that have minted over 3.6 billion assets for games, apps, websites, rewards programs, marketing campaigns, event souvenirs, access codes, and more. Over the … Read more