My Neighbor Alice Land Sale Rescheduled to Facilitate Audits and Testing

In late March, the My Neighbor Alice land sale was announced on our official blog and the My Neighbor Alice Medium account. These articles cited a beginning staking date of Tuesday, April 27, and a land sale date of Wednesday, May 12. To facilitate the necessary step of auditing and testing the sale contracts, these … Read more

10 Reasons to Watch Chromia in 2021

Greetings again Chromians, 2021 is already in full swing, and it is shaping up to be a banner year for ChromaWay, Chromia, and the cryptocurrency market as a whole. Here is an article to get you up to speed, and looking forward to everything we have in store for the rest of the year.  Enjoy! … Read more

Chromia Originals: A Next-Generation NFT Standard

Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) are a hot topic in the crypto world right now.  You may already be familiar with them, totally clueless about them, or maybe you’ve just heard the term without understanding what all the fuss is about.  Let’s take a closer look. What is an NFT? The word fungible is a synonym for … Read more