Conquest Alpha Competition Launching Tomorrow

The on-chain space domination game Conquest will launch its alpha competition this Saturday, giving all participants a chance for glory and $1,000 of Etherplay tokens. The testing phase and competition will take approximately two weeks. Progress made during the testing phases will be undone when the game launches onto mainnet. In Conquest.eth the universe is … Read more

On-chain Strategy Game Conquest.eth Coming in May

Development studio Etherplay has announced that their upcoming space strategy game Conquest.eth will launch on May 1st. They will release the alpha version of the on-chain with $1,000 in rewards for the most active players. Players will need a special token to get access to Conquest.eth, but Etherplay didn’t provide a lot of details on … Read more

$3 Million for Euler Beats Enigma Master Record NFTs

Investors and collectors have paid $3 million in total for the 25 master records in the Euler Beats Enigma NFT series. The most expensive NFT was the Enigma LP 01, selling for $243.000. These master records give the owner 8 percent of the sales from each of the prints based on their record. According to … Read more

Euler Beats Enigma Auction on Monday

After their successful February launch, Euler Beats will sell their second NFTs series Enigma on Monday. The master records of their Enigma series will sell through an auction. In total there will be 27 Enigma LP master records, and each of them comes with a maximum of 160 prints. These music NFTs come with new … Read more