Alien Worlds Hustled NFT Luck for Tools

Alien Worlds has made some changes to the way NFT luck gets applied during the mining process. From this point forward users with rare tools and high NFT luck will actually have a bigger chance to find more NFT assets. They announced these changes over the weekend in a blog post. Because of the way … Read more

Alien Worlds Missions Reward NFTs and TLM Tokens

Alien Worlds players will need to lease spaceships to go on missions and earn rewards paid in TLM tokens and NFTs. The developers revealed these first details of Planet Binance and the Planet Binance Missions in a blog post. However, the launch date is still clouded in mystery. When the Planet Binance Missions launch, players … Read more

The Sandbox Adds NFT Rewards to Liquidity Mining

Users who join the liquidity mining program for The Sandbox, can now also earn NFT rewards. In the coming months liquidity providers of the SAND-ETH pool on Uniswap can earn 1,5 million SAND in rewards, while stakers also have a chance to earn an exclusive Golden Key NFT. The purpose of this Golden Key is … Read more

Webaverse NFTs Coming to Ethereum and Polygon

The blockchain-powered online world of Webaverse has been running on its own Ethereum sidechain, but will now give its users the option to mint their NFTs on the Ethereum mainnet. In addition the developers will add Polygon as a minting option as well. They made this choice to give players the option to connect with … Read more