Third Citadel of Mirandus Acquired by Flare Network

Flare Network is now the owner of the Citadel of the Moon in the online role playing game Mirandus, and with the deeds in their pockets they will bring the GALA token to their layer-2 solution. Gala Games announced the deal in a blog post, and emphasized that the supply of the GALA token won’t … Read more

Mirandus Shows Growing Forest As Blueprint for Dynamic Life

Alongside a revamped product website for Mirandus, Gala Games has showcased a forest growing demo built in Unity. It’s a very based introduction into how dynamic life in Mirandus will be. According to the accompanying blog post, they will apply similar rules to wild life and other living systems in the Mirandus ecosystem. This forest … Read more

Mirandus Monday: Seeing the Forest Through the Trees

There is a lot of news coming, and it is very important to remember that what we at Gala Games, with the help of the community, are working on building is going to fundamentally change gaming forever. Each of the games and projects we are working on are small trees in what will one day … Read more

Gala Games Adds Support for Polygon to Ecosystem

Gala Games wants to give gamers all the choice in the world, and therefore the company now announced that Polygon will be added to their ecosystem. The company is working to add as many Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain solutions to their network, giving players more options to move their NFTs around. Gala Games … Read more

Day 6: Gala Games Live, 9Lives Arena and Synergy of Serra

It’s Saturday, but that doesn’t mean that the Play to Earn Game Festival isn’t bringing you any new stuff, because we’ve got 9Lives Arena, Synergy of Serra and our friends of Gala Games today! There will be a live event (show up!) and there’s new stuff to win. Peace as returned to the Play to … Read more