Gala Games Partners with Polygon!

As part of our mission to bring you the largest and most successful ecosystem of blockchain-based games that allow players to own their gaming experience and control the assets that they own, Gala Games is partnering with Polygon! Formerly the Matic Network, Polygon is Ethereum’s Internet of Blockchains. The change in name represents a huge expansion … Read more

Neon District: Retribution Guide

Justin Tobin Jan 28 · 4 min read Retribution is here! This update brings the last critical piece to the gameplay loop for Neon Pizza. With this update, power is given back to delivery teams as they now have the ability to open hit contracts against other teams that successfully ambush them. A hit contract … Read more

Neon District Update (Jan 26)

First Week in Review The inhabitants of Neon District were overrun with pizza this week as over 2,200 players logged-on to deliver pizza and earn Neon. The influx of new players contributed to a milestone in Neon District with over 100,000 NFTs minted on the Matic Network. Our developers worked hard to make some important updates this … Read more

Neon Pizza: How to Play Guide

Justin Tobin Jan 20 · 12 min read Play to Earn is now here with the new Neon Pizza mode in Neon District! Players can now begin earning Neon by delivering pizza to local residents, while defending themselves from nefarious teams looking to ambush others. What is Neon District? Neon District is a free-to-play cyberpunk … Read more