Transferring Neon District Assets on Polygon (Matic)

Ben Heidorn Mar 29 · 2 min read Turn on the Wallet Manager Feature In order to unlock the ability to transfer a token to another wallet, you’ll need to turn on the Wallet Manager “Advanced User” feature in your Settings, which can be reached by clicking on the “Profile” picture at the top right … Read more

How to provide liquidity on ComethSwap⚗️ and chase the highest yield on Polygon (Matic)

First thing first, bridge your token from Ethereum Mainnet to Polygon (Matic) through the Matic bridge. Upon using the bridge you will be airdropped a few Matic tokens for your operations on the layer 2. Let’s go! *Do not transfer WETH directly 2. It takes about 7–8 minutes once your transaction is mined 3. The cost of the … Read more

Polyient Launches Staking Business Segment With Matic Network Validator Node

Craig Russo Dec 14 · 3 min read Polyient, the investment group behind the leading decentralized Polyient Games Ecosystem, is officially launching its staking business segment this week. The first official node run by Polyient is for the Matic Network (MATIC), a leading layer-2 solution for Ethereum that provides a more scalable environment for decentralized … Read more

Summary of Nov 20, 2020 Polyient Games-Matic Network AMA

Craig Russo Nov 20 · 7 min read Below is a fully transcribed summary of the Polyient Games AMA session hosted by Matic Network. Polyient Games is the leading third-party network validator on Matic Network and Polyient Capital is an investor in MATIC token. We plan to unveil a number of major incentive structures that … Read more

DeFi Protocol MANTRA DAO Partners MATIC Network, an Ethereum Layer-2 Blockchain Scalability Solution Provider

MANTRA DAO (distributed autonomous organization), a community-governed decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that aims to make staking, lending, and governance more accessible to traders and investors, has partnered with MATIC Network, a blockchain scalability platform which offers the ability to conduct secure and instant transactions. The MANTRA DAO team believes that the Matic Network (MATIC) is … Read more

Chain Games Onboards to Matic Network

The team behind TrustSwap is bringing a decentralized gaming ecosystem to Matic Network. Chain Games believes that Matic Network has the scaling solution they need to empower their ecosystem. Matic Network continues to grow their ecosystem and proves to be a popular choice for blockchain gaming projects. Chain Games has onboarded to Matic and is … Read more