Infuse Now Allows CS:GO Teams to Win Bitcoin

After introducing a free-for-all server earlier this year, Infuse now allows gamers to play Counter-Strike in teams with bitcoin for the winners. The plugin by Zebedee lets players compete in 5v5 and 3v3 plant-the-bomb games with a best of 30 rounds. It’s the first time that gamers can compete in Counter-Strike teams for prizes paid … Read more

Bitcoin NFTs Now Available on Elixir Market

Game studio Satoshi’s Games has launched their own NFT marketplace on the Bitcoin blockchain called Elixir Market. On Elixer Market gamers can trade in-game assets from for example Lightnite, the battle royale game that also taps into Bitcoin. Elixir Market runs on both Liquid Network and Lightning Network, two layer-2 solution on top of the … Read more