Looking ahead with Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds Apr 20·5 min read Alien Worlds’ metaversal token, Trilium, attracted the largest Binance Launchpool ever last week. Trilium remains in the Binance Launchpool — and at this exciting time in the metaverse’s trajectory, let’s look ahead. Progress The Federation and the metaverse as a whole are actively progressing: Near term Major commercial IP … Read more

$9 Billion+ Staked into Binance for Trilium (TLM); Opens on Binance.com

Alien Worlds Apr 10·2 min read Alien Worlds, a simulated economy where players compete with NFTs, is quickly rising to the top of the DappRadar charts. In the Alien Worlds defi Metaverse, explorers use Trilium (TLM) tokens they mine to participate in governance and to access further features, now more than $9 billion has been … Read more