NFTs in DeFi Land: A Quick Tour Through Digital Collectibles

@ks.shilovKirill Blockchain enthusiast developer and writer. My telegram: ksshilov Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we take an exciting journey through the NFT universe. Just like Alice in Wonderland, you will plunge into the non-fungible world of magical cards, royal families, and arcades created by DeFi projects from around the globe. … Read more

Why are there no Security Token yet?

@kameirChristian Kameir Blockchain VC US regulators have done little to provide certainty for buyers and sellers of blockchain-based tokens. A page on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website on the topic of ‘initial coin offerings’ offers only sparse information in form of “5 things you need to know about ICOs,” starting with the somewhat ominous declaration that … Read more

When is an Asset “Digital”?

@kameirChristian Kameir Blockchain VC As outlined in an earlier article, blockchain-native digital bearer instruments such as Bitcoin’s mining reward bitcoin introduced new concepts of ownership and value transfer, upsetting the order of enumerated asset classes heretofore seemingly complete. A fact that thus far has escaped many legal professionals, regulators and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, all of which … Read more

How Blockchain Technology Can Improve Education By Using Gamification

@aniketAniket Jain Co-Founder and Content Lead at Zubi. Empowering people towards emerging tech. Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught. We as humans always tend to remember what we experience but forget what we study after some time.  We, humans, tend to forget what we are being … Read more

How Censorship-Resistant Digital Goods, DAOs and DEFI apps are driving a new “Digitalization Era”

@alet89Alessandro Mario Lagana Toschi Core Researcher at DFOhub Enterprises and Startups are crazy about the idea to use the Blockchain to track products, building trust and develop new services. In fact, Blockchain Technology is designed to work as a Triple-Entry Accounting to solve Cross-Boarder Trust with math. Please not another story on how Bitcoin changed … Read more

Of Art Tokenization, Blockchain, and Provenance with A Sprinkling of Non-Fungible Tokens

@QuillhashQuillHash Blockchain Technology Solution & Services Provider for Startup and Enterprises The global art market grew 6% in 2018 to 67.4 billion in sales according to economist Clare McAndrew’s report “The Art Market 2019,” released by Art Basel and UBS, however, despite the 6% growth, 57% of dealers saw their sales decline in 2018. This … Read more

Non-fungible Tokens are the Internet of Property’s “HELLO WORLD” Application

@sillytunaSillytuna Blockchain Game Alliance co-founder, NFT enthusiast and Baus controller 🙂 The Internet of Property is going to empower people, brands and contribute to fintech across the world but what is it and why is it important? Why did I spend $22k on a game item for a game that hasn’t even come out yet — Baus, from … Read more