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Max Antony Rapkin

NAS Academy to Launch Web3 Learning Library NFTs

Nas Academy has joined forces with Invisible College, enabling ‘Decentralien’ NFT holders access to exclusive Web3 educational content.

Through the partnership with Invisible College, Nas Academy aims to empower students with ownership over their Web3 studies.

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Flow Blockchain
Max Antony Rapkin

Instagram Expands NFT Integration With Flow Blockchain

Instagram has enabled non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on its platform in over 100 countries.  Meta Newsroom confirmed its continued expansion into the realms of Web3, as it further embraced NFTs within its ecosystem. Instagram users in Asia, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and the Americas will be able to connect their digital wallet to Instagram and showcase their favourite NFTs. 

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Metaverse gaming
Stefan M

Southeast Europe Becoming a Hotbed of Metaverse Gaming 

The Metaverse is viewed by many as the next logical step in all things online – from web pages to apps and everything that connects them – and gaming is no different.
While startups worldwide are working on Metaverse gaming projects, there’s a particular concentration of them in Southeast Europe.
This part of the world has been dubbed the Silicon Valley of Europe thanks to its burgeoning tech scene.

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