NFT Top-level Domain Sold for $84000

Jehan Chu has purchased the top-level Handshake domain name “.nft” for a record-breaking $84,000 as the popularity of decentralized web services continues to grow. The transaction was facilitated by Namebase, a platform that offers domain registration services for Handshake. The Handshake Network is an experimental peer-to-peer root naming system that allows the decentralization of the … Read more

How we used Ethereum to make eCards cool again

@lililashkaLili Feyerabend Experimenter in product dev, design and community building. Twitter @lililashka TL;DR — Radi.Cards — the first NFT eCards. We let you send eCards to your friends using crypto. It’s (crypto) winter and it’s not true that there will be nothing good come out of it. Few months back I’ve joined the Ethereum community by designing analytics for Non-Fungible … Read more