Is blockchain really the future?

When it comes to blockchain technology, many enthusiasts are preaching its omnipotence and the giant impact it will have on our future. But is this true? Some even discuss whether a blockchain driven currency will replace national fiat money one day. This will probably never happen. But there are some aspects of daily life that … Read more

Update 10.1: 9 Bugfixes and 1 feature

We have just published a minor update which solves some bugs which we considered to important to wait until Update 11 to fix them. Here is what has changed. Feature Selected difficulty for quests is saved Bugfixes Fixed wrong taskbar icon highlighting Fixed not working cancel button in timed quests Fixed a rare crash if … Read more

The 5 most discussed myths regarding cryptocurrencies

Whenever the value of a cryptocurrency increases dramatically, the discussions of whether or not cryptos are valid start all over. Let’s see which arguments are valid and which are not. In the first few years after the creation of Bitcoin, there were not really any myths regarding cryptocurrencies. If there was any speculation and uncertainty … Read more

How a Litecoin address is created

A Litecoin address is in some ways like an E-Mail address. It is used to interact with other people. However, there are some differences. While you might only own one or two E-Mail addresses, you would own several different Litecoin addresses. For security reasons, a lot of users of cryptocurrencies have a unique address per … Read more