Everything you need to know about NFTs, DeFi, and Gaming

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are becoming a very popular blockchain trend in gaming, while also being used in the sports (ticketing) industry, financial services, and as a way to sell and transfer ownership of virtual goods, as the director of Polyient Games recently pointed out in an interview with Cointelegraph. The NFTs are generating a new … Read more

7 Pillars of Crypto in 2021 – A Look at DeFi, SoFi, and Legislative Regulation

@serkhitrovSergei Khitrov Entrepreneur, Listing.Help Agency Founder and CEO Trends in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are changing incredibly fast. We can express every year as the blossom of some new thing: 2017 – ICO, 2018 – IEO, 2019 – Stablecoins, 2020 – DeFi. Often trends conquer the market in literally a month, but their history and conceptual … Read more

Predicting The NFT All-Time High

@serkhitrovSergei Khitrov Entrepreneur, Listing.Help Agency Founder and CEO 2020 was great for Non-Fungible Tokens. This market gained volume, fame, and infrastructure. But what all the buzz is about? And what can we expect in 2021? I want to make it clear and to share my thoughts about the future of NFT. An NFT is a … Read more

5 Cryptomarket Trends For 2021 – Based on Common Sense

Even though this challenging 2020 has been an awful year for the world, it became a breakthrough one for the cryptocurrency market. Here I would like to highlight the important trends that will become the main drivers of the crypto growth in 2021. Institutional investors from S&P500 will continue to join the market The Block Research … Read more

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): The Key to the True Metaverse

@kristina-frunzeKristina Frunze Market-savvy content writer approaching 4 years of experience. My second passion is SEO. If you are following news in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors, there is no doubt you have heard about the non-fungible tokens or NFTs. In fact, this new type of digital asset has taken over the headlines in 2020, bringing … Read more

WTF is An Aavegotchi? An NFT? An Internet Ghost? Or All Of The Above?

@appellantsJo T. Trainee lawyer messing around with crypto. After a season of crazy pumps, new projects, and exit scams, the DeFi Summer of 2020 is cooling down. The food is rotting on the vine and the seafood is going stale. Some yield farmers are throwing down their pitchforks in the face of liquidation risks and … Read more

WTF is A Non-Fungible Token Or NFT?

While the world has had enough time to get acquainted with Bitcoin and other digital currencies, yet another newer type of digital asset has been slowly but steadily gaining attention. If you have been following the crypto space for some time now, there is no doubt you have heard about the non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Non-fungible … Read more

Tokenizing Our Virtual Future: A Deep Dive Into Non-Fungible Tokens

@rhianRhian Lewis Developer, writer, cryptocurrency obsessive COVID-19 has changed the way we work, study and socialize, at least temporarily. Many of those who were privileged enough to transfer to remote working instead of losing their jobs will never return to the office, even if they want to. Companies have found — often to their surprise … Read more

Could “Play to Earn” Take Over the Gaming Industry?

@sillytunaSillytuna Blockchain Game Alliance co-founder, NFT enthusiast and Baus controller 🙂 Imagine a world where you can earn money whilst playing your favourite games. Until recently, this concept of Play to Earn games has made me recoil in horror. The whole point of play is enjoyment, not the stress of work. Saying that, I’m a veteran … Read more

Non-fungible Tokens are the Internet of Property’s “HELLO WORLD” Application

@sillytunaSillytuna Blockchain Game Alliance co-founder, NFT enthusiast and Baus controller 🙂 The Internet of Property is going to empower people, brands and contribute to fintech across the world but what is it and why is it important? Why did I spend $22k on a game item for a game that hasn’t even come out yet — Baus, from … Read more