Beginner’s Guide to Joker.One

Blockchain has always been about resolving problems and giving back to all the network participants, be it transparency, control, benefits and many more. Few projects took this ‘default setting’ further and made it the core of their identity. Playing exactly that card, Joker is building up their multi-layered infrastructure of ‘equal benefit distribution.’ The good … Read more

How to play & earn with Forge of Empires

How To Play And Earn With Forge of Empires: a guide by Wombat With mainstream games, it is pretty hard to make some kind of a profit outside of established eSports leagues and competitions. As we recently launched a solution to that — Womplay — we started onboarding casual mobile games for you to play and earn with. In this … Read more

Beginner’s guide to Defis.Network

The DeFi wave has hit the EOS community with a lot of force, and we want to shed some light on what’s in it for you with all of these applications. Every week, we will take a deep dive into one of the DeFi apps listed on Wombat to give you a detailed view of … Read more