From Warhol to NFTs: The Evolution of Digital Art

@chainfoundationCHAIN Foundation CHAIN is a hybrid large-scale public art sculpture and digital landmark. If the acceptance and admittance of “digital art” into the characteristically aloof mainstream of “fine art” could be attributed to a single moment, it would arguably be the moment Andy Warhol sat down in front of a Commodore Amiga at New York’s … Read more

Fractionalising NFTs — Platforms Review

@hugocampanellaHugo Head of a UX/UI team, polyglot, digital specialist, web passionate, moviefreak, cryptocurrencies enthusiast… With NFT creators like Beeple selling an art piece for $69M or Jack Dorsey selling his first tweet for $2.9M, it’s clear that the NFT market has blown up in the recent months. In this article, while we will touch on … Read more