NFT: The new decentralized economy?

Last March 11, 2021 was a historic day not only for Blockchain technology, but also for art in general: the famous auction house Christie’s sold the first NFT for more than 69 million dollars. The artist Mike Winkelmann (known on social networks by his pseudonym Beeple) was the author of the auctioned piece, thus becoming … Read more

What is xDaichain?

xDaichain is a stable payment blockchain designed for fast and inexpensive stable transactions. xDai is used for transactions, payments, and fees, and STAKE is used to support Proof-of-Stake consensus. xDai is the ideal cryptocurrency for everyday payments and transactions. The fees are extremely low, the payments are very fast, and the value remains stable at … Read more

Barcelona FC Player Gerard Piqué Invests in Ethereum-Based Fantasy Football Platform Sorare

The Barcelona FC captain has announced his official inception into the non-fungible token (NFT) industry by investing $4.3 million in the fantasy football platform Sorare. Barcelona FC Player Invests in NFT Fantasy Football Platform Sorare, Joins as Strategic Advisor According to Sifted, Gerard Piqué joined a seed extension round led by U.S.-based fund Cassius Family … Read more

Survey: There Is ‘Significant Room’ for the NFT Market to Grow Despite Widespread Lack of Knowledge Among People

A survey about non-fungible token (NFT) trends on crypto users revealed that 47% of correspondents had heard of NFT, and among these, 63% of them had only a basic understanding about it, while 57% of them had never used them. Survey Reveals Common User Has Just a Basic Understanding of NFT Market According to a … Read more

Blockchains, NFTs and the future of – not just digital – ownership

@kameirChristian Kameir Blockchain VC Before the widespread use of high-speed internet, distribution of software, music and movies was mostly anchored in physical media. Buyers of CDs and DVDs could sell the albums they no longer wanted or movies they had seen in secondary marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon or locally on Craigslist. Today, software … Read more

Hold ETH or Buy NFTs? Understanding Impermanent NFT Loss

“Media lego” non-fungible tokens have surged in popularity in the Ethereum community this year, and among the NFT economy’s various sectors the digital fine art arena has been an early star. Why’s that? Because NFTs give artists new programmable revenue avenues, and early innovators have taken notice. NFTs can have royalties automatically caked in, so … Read more

NFT Digital Art That Changes With Bitcoin Price Volatility Sold for Record $101,000

Matt Kane’s “Right Place & Right Time,” a non-fungible token (NFT) digital artwork that changes every day with the bitcoin price volatility, claims the artist, has been sold for a record 262 ether or $101,100 on blockchain platform Async Art. According to a description of the artwork on Async Art’s website, a new composition for … Read more

Inside Rarible: The Red-Hot Ethereum NFT Marketplace

Right now, one of the hottest scenes around Ethereum behind DeFi is the NFT sector.NFTs, for non-fungible tokens, are specially designed so as to be ideal digital collectibles, gaming pieces, and beyond. Accordingly, some of the most promising projects in the NFT arena lately have been NFT marketplaces. One of those marketplaces has been Rarible, … Read more

July Development Update!

Axie Infinity Aug 4 · 4 min read Greetings Lunacians! July was another amazing month here at Axie HQ. In addition, we saw our growth enter a new phase with many new trainers joining our ranks! These monthly development updates are becoming a key part of our communication with the members of the Axie ecosystem. … Read more