How to issue your first NFT with Wombat

The rise of NFTs hasn’t left EOS untouched — with the recent long-awaited launch of two booming projects, .gems and Crypto Finney, the network has seen its NFT breakthrough. With the rising critique of Ethereum NFTs as not eco-friendly and expensive for both issuers and buyers, EOS offers a lucrative alternative. So if you dream about becoming an … Read more

Womplay’s Rewarding Content Creators!

Hey, content star! Are games or crypto your true passion? Are you proud to say you’re putting out the best content out there? Then show us what you got — and you might get a share of $3000! Tell the world about Womplay in your own unique way — it can be a video, a blog post, a podcast — anything you … Read more

Beginner’s Guide to Joker.One

Blockchain has always been about resolving problems and giving back to all the network participants, be it transparency, control, benefits and many more. Few projects took this ‘default setting’ further and made it the core of their identity. Playing exactly that card, Joker is building up their multi-layered infrastructure of ‘equal benefit distribution.’ The good … Read more

What are NFTs and why is everyone obsessed with them?

If you played Splinterlands, Chain Clash or 9Lives Arena, you might have seen the word ‘NFT’ here and there. In fact, if you look at the crypto space, every day, there’s a new story, a new discussion, a new NFT auction and so on. Media report that in one day in 2021, NFT sales toppled … Read more

Bitcoin comes to Wombat!

With Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high, we look back at its history with nothing but appreciation. Hundreds, if not thousands of amazing projects were inspired by the first crypto coin, drawing on its revolutionary foundation and improving on its limitations. The Bitcoin phenomenon hasn’t left us untouched as well, personally and professionally. This is … Read more

How to play & earn with Forge of Empires

How To Play And Earn With Forge of Empires: a guide by Wombat With mainstream games, it is pretty hard to make some kind of a profit outside of established eSports leagues and competitions. As we recently launched a solution to that — Womplay — we started onboarding casual mobile games for you to play and earn with. In this … Read more

There is no such thing as impermanent loss in DeFi

I know, the title may sound weird after everybody discussing what “impermanent loss” is and how you can avoid or reduce it, but we need to make a few things very clear, which I’ll explain in more detail below: The effect of “impermanent loss” is inherent to providing liquidity “Impermanent loss” is not “impermanent” What’s being … Read more

Of Art Tokenization, Blockchain, and Provenance with A Sprinkling of Non-Fungible Tokens

@QuillhashQuillHash Blockchain Technology Solution & Services Provider for Startup and Enterprises The global art market grew 6% in 2018 to 67.4 billion in sales according to economist Clare McAndrew’s report “The Art Market 2019,” released by Art Basel and UBS, however, despite the 6% growth, 57% of dealers saw their sales decline in 2018. This … Read more

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) on EOS

Besancia Jun 12, 2019 · 8 min read Hello everyone! When we talk about NFTs today, we think about the Ethereum blockchain. But we are in a bigger “cryptoland” and there’s a lot of competition… It didn’t take long before other teams started betting on this technology too. We’re going to talk about one of … Read more