VeVe Auction Overhaul

Since VeVe's launch, we have learned an incredible amount about our users (you), and as part of our ongoing developments, we continue to roll out features and improvements. This time ‘round the Market has seen an upgrade to Auctions for a smoother experience for buyers and sellers. The VeVe Market Within VeVe, users can buy or sell … Read more

ECOMI Community Update: April 2021

In this community update, we go into more detail as to how/where our development time is being spent, and what we’re working towards when it comes to NFT releases. We also dive into the rollout of the market, VeVe app security, OMI to Gem conversions, the first DeLorean Time Machine release and a couple of … Read more

ECOMI Community Update

The rapid adoption of VeVe continues, so much so that we’ve almost sold out the entire store! In this new style of community update, we want to give you the most important information as quickly as possible, to continue to keep everyone in the ECOMI family up to speed on the development of VeVe and … Read more

VeVe: The First Digital Collectibles Platform Committed to Carbon Neutral NFTs

VeVe already operates using blockchain technology that is >99% more energy-efficient than Ethereum. As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, we have just announced that the platform will completely off-set/neutralise the carbon footprint from the minting of VeVe NFTs, as well as establishing a grant of 1 billion OMI to offset the cost of … Read more

If You Build It, They Will Come

It’s safe to say that February will go down as one of the most exciting months in VeVe’s short history. The app has only been live for two months, and although we’re still in beta, February saw some absolutely mind-blowing adoption, as well as the rapid expansion of the ECOMI family! The ECOMI Fam is Growing Before … Read more

Getting Started With the OMI Token: Metrics and Details

VeVe is a blockchain-based digital collectibles platform, built by ECOMI. In order for you to actually be able to own a digital collectible, and interact with other users, the platform needs and uses a token. This token is called the OMI token. When you buy, trade or sell your digital collectibles within the platform, the OMI token … Read more

Q1 2021 Token Updates

Since removing the invite code from VeVe in late December 2020, more than ~1.2 Billion OMI has been sent out of circulation from the sale of more than 1,200 digital collectibles! We are incredibly encouraged, and humbled, by these early numbers, especially given VeVe’s marketing and promotion is yet to commence. As VeVe’s marketing kicks … Read more

VeVe Is Officially Open To the Public!

VeVe- the premium license, digital collectibles platform by ECOMI, has officially opened to the public. The app is now available to download in both the iOS and Android app stores, and you can immediately create an account to begin your digital collection. We couldn’t possibly be more excited to share the VeVe app with you … Read more

How to Swap OMI for Gems

VE-VE is officially live on both Android and iOS devices! The following tutorial details how to swap your OMI tokens for Gems, so you can collect your favourite fandoms with VE-VE. Where Can I Swap OMI for Gems? In order to swap OMI for Gems, you must first download the VE-VE Android or iOS app and create … Read more

VE-VE Tokenomics: In-app Funds and Token Buybacks

VeVe Tokenomics: In-app Funds and Token Buy-Backs The flow of funds within the VeVe digital collectibles ecosystem is integral in maintaining the in-app token supply and liquidity. In order to maintain this pool and optimize fund flows, buy-back mechanisms have been included to facilitate the purchasing of tokens from exchanges. For the user, however, all … Read more