Tezos Announces Launch of First NFT Platform Kalamint

Tezos, the decentralized smart contract platform and Ethereum competitor, announced that its first NFT platform would be launching on-chain. The Tezos platform is called Kalamint and will launch next month. Like many NFT alternatives currently available on Ethereum, Kalamint will allow users to mint (create) their own tokens and sell them. NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, … Read more

NFT Market Takes off With 115% Month Over Month Growth

According to a recent tweet from Dapp.com, a website solely focused on decentralized applications, the NFT market is booming. Bitcoin isn’t the only digital asset in the spotlight. As the price smashes through $20,000, NFT’s too are showing impressive growth. NFTs or non-fungible tokens have reached a 30-day volume of $10.15 million, representing a 115% … Read more