Dark Country Land Sale Takes Place Next Week

Dark Country will launch their land sale on the Flow blockchain next week on Thursday May 13th. The first round of the land pre-sale will start at 3PM UTC, and a second round will start one hour after the first round. However, this will only happen if any land is left. Gamers who are interested … Read more

Dark Country launching on Flow with land NFT pre-sale in May

Trading card game Dark Country has announced it’s coming to the Flow blockchain. Previously announced for the WAX blockchain, the American Gothic-themed game will launch on Dapper Labs’ blockchain with a pre-sale sometime in May.  Interestingly, the game will operate across multiple chains via its Dark Country Lands.  Each of these NFTs provide access to … Read more

Trading Card Game Dark Country Coming to Flow

The trading card game Dark Country will expand its ecosystem from the Wax blockchain to Flow, and in the future more chains will likely follow. Players who play the game on Flow, will have their own continent, and there will be an option to have more than one continent per blockchain. Dark Country has been … Read more

Dark Country Adding Land and Play-to-Earn

Trading card game Dark Country will add another layer of gameplay to their gaming universe by introducing land and the Shadow Dimes currency. There will be a world map with continents and lands, where landowners and players can earn a new currency. There’s no release date yet, but Wecan Dev Studios has shared lots of … Read more