Meebits Launched by CryptoPunks Studio Larva Labs

After releasing CryptoPunks in June 2017, and Autoglyphs in April 2019, development studio Larva Labs has now launched Meebits. This an on-chain generated 3D voxel character project that also gives owners the ability to use their Meebit as an avatar in virtual environments. There will only be 20,000 Meebits in total ever. Larva Labs has … Read more

Gala Games Launches Gala Art with Frank Miller

Blockchain gaming company Gala Games has unveiled their new Gala Art initiative, and partnered with legendary comic book creator Frank Miller. Miller’s debut NFT series will also mark the 30th anniversary of Sin City, probably his most iconic creation. NFTs from the Gala Art initiative are different from other NFTs, because their ecosystem is designed … Read more

Eminem Dropping NFT Art on Nifty Gateway

Rap god Eminem is the latest celebrity to join the NFT hype train on Nifty Gateway, as he will do an NFT drop this Sunday. The American rapper isn’t unfamiliar with dropping things, aside from dropping bars he regularly drops entire music albums by surprise to shock the scene. Whether this particular NFT drop will … Read more

Paris Hilton to Launch Planet Paris NFT Collection

Paris Hilton is working together with digital art designer Blake Kathryn on a NFT collection they named Planet Paris. In the announcement of her first NFT drop, she said that the collection is all about ‘beauty, female energy and empowerment’. The sale will happen on Nifty Gateway on Saturday April 17th at 17:30 UTC. The … Read more

How to Buy Artvatars on Polygon

Artvatars, a new on-chain generated art project, will launch tomorrow on the Polygon blockchain, but how do you buy these NFTs? You will need to have ETH on the Polygon blockchain, so let’s take a look on how to arrange that. Each of the Artvatars collectibles is an uniquely generated avatars, made from twelve parts. … Read more

Sotheby’s to Auction Pak’s Fungible Collection

Auction house Sotheby’s is going to auction The Fungible Collection by digital artist Murat Pak in collaboration with Nifty Gateway. The auction will start next week from April 12th until the 14th. The collection taps into the concept of ‘our understanding of value’. The idea is that Pak, as the anonymous artist is best known, … Read more

Playboy Partners With Nifty Gateway to Publish NFT Art

Playboy has announced a partnership with NFT art marketplace Nifty Gateway to auction and sell a variety of Playboy-themed artworks and photos. Some will come directly from the Playboy archive, while others are in partnership with existing digital art creators like Slime Sunday and Kathryn Blake. They announced the partnership this Tuesday on Twitter. The … Read more

The Weeknd Joins List of Celebs Aping into NFTs

The Weeknd is the latest celebrity who’s going to launch their own collection of NFTs. The American singer is working together with Strangeloop Studios to launch NFTs combining unreleased music and limited edition art. They will launch their collectible NFTs on Nifty Gateway on Saturday at 2PM EST or 7PM UTC. Abel Tesfaye, the real … Read more

$3 Million for Euler Beats Enigma Master Record NFTs

Investors and collectors have paid $3 million in total for the 25 master records in the Euler Beats Enigma NFT series. The most expensive NFT was the Enigma LP 01, selling for $243.000. These master records give the owner 8 percent of the sales from each of the prints based on their record. According to … Read more

When Fans Form a DAO To Buy Your Art

Have you made as an artist when your work is selling for millions, or when your fans form a DAO to buy your art for half a million dollars as a collective? The latter happened to digital artist pplpleasr, who saw a group of fans group up to pay $569.000 to buy an artwork she … Read more